Shivshakti 25th June 2024 Written Update

Shivshakti 25th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Shivshakti 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The episode starts with Indradev saying that just like Adishakti killed other asurs, she will even kill Mahishasur. Narad asks why didn’t Mahishasur take woman’s name in his boon. Shiv says when a person takes his success to his dead, he loses his conscience; Mahisasur lost his conscience in arrogance. Brahamdev warns Mahisasur not to use his boon for wrong reasons. Mahishasur warns him to go away or else he will capture him first and drag him to asurlok. Brahamdev says asurs pray for years to get boon and then start doing sins and bring their end. He disappears.

Ganesh laughs hearing Mahishasur’s words. His friends tell him that they shall go and play now. Ganesh feels hungry. Parvati says she will prepare laddoos for them all. Ganesh says he can easily finish 3-4 plate laddoos by himslef, so he needs lots more and asks Shiv to help Parvati. Shiv agrees. Ganesh goes to play with his friends.

Shukracharya and Diti walk to Mahishasur and asks if he sought a boon of protection from fire from Brahmadev. Mahishasur says he sought a boon more than that that no god, no asur, no danav, no animal, no bird, etc., can kill him. Diti asks what about woman. Shukracharya says Adishakti will kill him. Mahishasur says Brahmadev tricked him and determines to take revenge from him.

Kartikeya shoots an around and creates a fire circle around him. He warns him to dare not do any sin and accept Indradev as his king. Mahishasur grips his neck and throws him away. Kartikeya flies and falls into Indralok, leaving all gods in shock.

Parvati express his anger towards Shiv going into meditation instead of saving Ganesh. Shiv wipes her tears and says he acted as per fate.

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