Parineetii 25th June 2024 Written Update

Parineetii 25th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Parineetii 25th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Pari says was it a natural death or something else? In today’s time, relationships are very complicated. They marry someone, love someone else, and make promises to someone else. Sanju says asking straightforward. Pari says it’s very simple. Was it a natural death or murder? he says why do you wanna know? She says just curious. You’re gonna marry Neeti, your wife died less than a year ago. So maybe you loved Pari but were married to Pari. Forced marriage. Sanju says do you have any issue with my wedding. I see pain in your eyes. She says what rubbish. You’re so weird. She says I need to leave. Sanju asks why are you not married? your mom never asked you? Do you not believe in marriage? She says I don’t believe in love. She goes to her room. Pari says btw, Neeti is perfect for you. All the best. Pari goes to the room.

Ambika says to Pari you’ve to be careful from Neeti. She’s very clever. She’s very dangerous. Pari says I know. I didn’t know before but she’s not my friend anymore. I will ensure everything she does. She sees Daljit following Babli. Pari goes after them. ambika goes with the banker. Daljit follows Babli in the corridor. Pari looks for her. Daljit is about to touch Babli. Pari comes there and says excuse me. Daljit stops. She says to Dalji come with me, mom wants to discuss something with you.

Scene 2
Sanju thinks about Pari. He recalls his time with her. He recalls when Pari said she’d never go away from him. Neeti comes there and says let’s go. Daljit says to Pari Ambika wanted to talk to me? Pari asks what’s your education? You act like a kid, looks like you need to learn a lot. I don’t know why Sanju has hired you. Daljit says let me ask Ambika. Pari says I’ve to protect Babli from this monster. Daljit talks to Ambika. He says I am glad you saw the papers. She says what is your qualification? Pari comes there. Ambika says my lawyers made the contract and this guy is asking me about the terms? people like him only know how to take credit. Pari says there are many people like him in the world. Daljit’s friend mixes something in Babli’s water. He gives it to Babli and says you should rest. Pari sees them. Pari tries to go there. Pari says he’s with Daljit. I’ve to protect her. Ambika says if you do anything they will know who you are. Pari says I’ve to save Babli from them. Bablit feels dizzy.

Pari says Babli doesn’t go anywhere inside. Pari goes to Babli. She says I need some water. Daljit says to his friend we have to take her to the bedroom with some excuse. Pari says to DAljit can we discuss the terms there? Does he say I have to discuss the food plan with Babli. Salojna takes Babli with her. Sanju asks Pari can I have a dance with you? Pari dances with Sanju. She says you wanna know if I’d have emotions. Sanju dances with her. Neeti doesn’t like it. Pari brings Neeti to the floor. She says you should dance with your to-be wife. Sanju dances with Neeti. Pari looks around for Salojna. Salojna says I am sure this is Pari not Parvati. Pari looks around for Babli. She says I have to save Babli from Daljit. Ambika says he’d realize you are Pari. Pari says what if you say it? babli feels dizzy. Daljit goes after her. Neeti dances with Sanju. She says are you looking for Parvati?

Episode ends

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