Shivshakti 8th July 2024 Written Update

Shivshakti 8th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Shivshakti 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The episode starts with Jalandhar conquering Devlok and challenging devtas that he is not afraid of anyone, they can call their Adishakti. He tells Indra that he is the same Jalandhar whom Indra suggested to kill when he was born. He says he will go and tour swarglok while they call Adishakti here.

All gods plead Adishakti for help. Adishakti heads towards swarglok to punish Jalandhar, but Shiv holds her hand and stops her. Parvati asks him reason for stopping her, but Shiv doesn’t give any reason and continues to request her not to go.

Jalandhar strangulates Indradev and lifts him in air holding his throat. Other gods try to attack him, but his one tap of trishul makes them all fall down far away. Narad asks Narayan to save Indradev. Narayan reminds that Indradev is being punished for the sin of escaping from asurlok leaving gods in jail.

Parvati frees her hand and tells Shiv that she will not stop now. Shiv reveals that Jalandhar is his son. Parvati is shocked and says he is a sinner then. Shiv requests her to let him explain, but she doesn’t listen to him and walk away from there. Ganesh tries to calm down Parvati.

Gods return all the jewels and precious gifts they got during samudra manthan. Kartikeya attacks Jalandhar. Jalandhar asks who is he. Mahishasur says he is Shiv and Parvati’s son Kartikeya. Jalandhar injures him and pokes his finger into the wound until Kartikeya collapses unable to bear pain. Jalandhar says he would have spared Kartikeya if he was not Shiv’s son. He then drags Indradev and other gods to asur lok.

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