Lakshmi Narayan 8th July 2024 Written Update

Lakshmi Narayan 8th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Lakshmi Narayan 8th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Lakshmi gets ready for her wedding pooja, Kavya comes there and says my daughter is ready. Lakshmi says I love my parents but I hate Narayan more, I have dreamed of taking revenge on Narayan as he cut Kavya’s head, I am ready for this pooja as it will bring me closer to my mission, I am going to take revenge on Narayan. Kavya smirks and thinks we have raised her like we wanted to, her heart is filled with hate and not love for Narayan.

Bhargavi sits in the pooja and promises to hate Narayan. Otherside Narayan gets ready and says be ready as your Narayan is coming.

The pooja is done, Narayan arrives there in disguise with his people while all look on. Rishi asks who is he? Narayan says we are artists and came here to dance and celebrate with you all. Shukar says we don’t need that. Narayan says it seems like you aren’t happy to start this? Bhargavi says I am happy to start my journey of taking revenge on Narayan so I want to celebrate this moment. She stops Narayan from leaving. He smiles at her and thinks she might have forgotten me but I am here to get her back as Narayan and Lakshmi have to come together for this universe’s love. Lakshmi says there will be a dance at this event.

Scene 2

Narayan starts playing his flute and Lakshmi feels something. He starts dancing and Lakshmi joins him, they do the dance like they did before as a couple. He smiles at her and says you are so pretty that I fell in love with you. She says what did you say? Rishi says how dare you? stay in your limits, she is not a commoner, she is Rishi’s daughter. He apologizes to him and says it was love so I expressed it. Aditi says what if he is Narayan? Shukar says he seems too confident, are you Narayan? He pushes him and he falls down. Mahadev thinks they will be punished for this insult. Narayan thinks this battle is not for Narayan but for love which has pain. Shukar asks who is he? Narayan says I am Venkatesh, I change avatars as I am an artist. I love and want love. Shukar says stop it. He says I just want to spread love, I just can’t stop loving. He smiles at Lakshmi and says she is just so pretty that I said I love her. Shukar says you can leave now. Narayan says don’t run away from love, accept and spread it. Love all good things and love Narayan. Bhargavi/Lakshmi says how dare he?

The episode ends.

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