Shrimad Ramayan 6th February 2024 Written Update

Shrimad Ramayan 6th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Shrimad Ramayan 6th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sita hearing the announcement and smiling. She thanks Mahadev. Ram comes and smiles seeing her. He says Sita… He says Dasharath called me in the Rajsabha and made this announcement, I was going to tell you. She says I got more respect today seeing the people respecting you. He says this respect is our duty. She smiles and praises him. She says I m your wife. He says you complete me. They smile.

Dasharath makes the Rajya Abhishek arrangements. Manthara comes crying and says Kaikeyi is worried, she asked me to tell you about it. He says fine, ask her to come and meet me. He sees Ram’s sketch and says its beautiful. Manthara says she has gone to Kopbhavan. He asks what. He goes to meet Kaikeyi. She asks why did you make this announcement in Bharat’s absence. He says even Ram thinks like you, he was missing Bharat. She shouts I m talking about Bharat, I don’t want to hear Ram’s praise. He asks what happened to you, you have changed. She reminds his two promises. He says we will talk later, you first get ready as the queen and come. She says many years have passed, recall it. She goes. He recalls Kaikeyi saving his life. He promises to fulfill her two wishes. Kaikeyi gets ready and comes. He says I remember everything. She says then fulfill your promise. He asks her to say, what does she want.

She says Bharat will become Ayodhya’s King, he will sit on the throne, Ram won’t. He asks what, I m a King, its my duty to give a capable King to Ayodhya, Bharat isn’t Ram, I love Ram, the Praja loves Ram, he has all the qualities to become a heir, he will handle Ayodhya and his brothers, Praja wont accept Bharat as the King. She says hear the second wish, Vanvaas for Ram, 14 years exile. He is shocked.

He asks what did you say, you can’t do this, Ram worships you, you want to send him on exile. She says I have made my mind, I have to see if you keep your promise or not. He says no, you aren’t such, someone has hypnotized you, fine, I will make Bharat the King, Ram will become his helper, but don’t make me away from my Ram.

She says this is the path to make my son’s future, tell me, will you keep the promise. He recalls the curse and falls down. She shouts. He shouts Ram. Minister runs to see him. He asks are you fine, I will get Vaid. Dasharath says Sumanth, call Ram. Sumanth goes. Ram and Sita meet the Praja. Dasharath says don’t do this Kaikeyi. She says you can get against your duty, but I will stick to my Dharm. He says I never thought my own shield will hurt me, I loved you a lot, you have come as my death, you will regret, Kaikeyi. He falls.

Ram asks what happened. Kaikeyi scolds Ram. Ram says I will fulfill his promise and your wish.

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