Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 6th February 2024 Written Update

Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 6th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi 6th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Satya saying I got to know Arya is Damini and my daughter, thanks for raising her with love, I will think what to do, my property, my wish, you stay away. Ankush says you won’t do this, what did Arya do. Satya says I can’t tolerate that I have a daughter. Ankush says she is your blood, you don’t like her, give her to me, I will take her. Satya says like you came to take Damini’s body, come to take her body, I will pay the expenses for her final rites. Ankush asks what, if anything happens to her, then I will not leave you. Satya jokes on him. Ankush says please Satya, Aai was a teacher, Baba was in police, we didn’t get such values, how did you become such. Satya says I m helpless, we will end our game, you tell me, what will you do to save Arya, you love her a lot, shall I give you an offer. Ankush asks him to say. Satya asks will you give your life for her, we will see what you can do. Ankush says tell me, where shall I come. Satya says I will send the location, reach on time, else Arya is gone. Ankush cries. Bela says you won’t go alone, I beg you. Ankush leaves. Aai stops Ankush and says everything got fine, Zai won, Bela has come home. Ankush asks can’t you see, you have gone blind in son’s love. She asks what. He says Baba and I tried to tell you about Satya, listen to me now, what work does Satya do. She asks what. He says he is involved in child trafficking, he sells little children and earns money, I have all the proof, he knows he got exposed, he kidnapped Arya and threatened of killing her. She says Satya can’t do this. He says I know the truth, you don’t know it, Arya is your grandson, she is Satya and Damini’s daughter. Aai says Satya had a son. Ankush says no, I lied to him to save Arya from Satya. She is shocked.

She asks is Arya Damini and Satya’s daughter. Ankush says yes, her life is in danger, Satya took her to kill her, Damini was running away from Satya, Satya wanted to kill her, he killed Damini, she died in my hands, she took my promise that Satya never knows Arya is his daughter else he will kill her, I promised her, I left my family for Arya, Satya is saying he will kill Arya. She says no, he won’t kill her. Ankush says he got spoilt because of your support, he has become a devil, why don’t you see, if I don’t reach on time, then he will kill Arya. He gets Satya’s location. He says only one of your sons will be alive, Bappa will decide it. Aai says no and cries. He leaves. Arya says you are very bad. Satya says you have much attitude, you should have been a boy, I would have made you my heir, your blood is okay, but you got your mum’s fate. She asks what are you saying, what do you want, let me go home. Satya says house is where mother stays. She says leave me, let me go. Jaanrao comes there. Satya says Ankush, you have become daring.

He sees Jaanrao and asks what are you doing here, I asked you to talk to lawyer. Jaanrao says we have to free our men. Satya says then go, what are you doing here. Jaanrao looks at him. He angrily scolds Satya. Satya asks what happened, did you go mad, go. Jaanrao says stop Satya, leave Arya. Satya asks what will you do, get lost. Jaanrao recalls making the video of Damini’s murder. He says leave Arya else I will expose you. Satya catches his neck. Jaanrao says I have proof of your black deeds, I will expose you, you can forget your sins, but Kaal has all the accounts, you have to pay for your deeds, see this video. Satya and Arya see the video. Arya is shocked seeing Satya shooting Damini. She cries and shouts Aai.

Jaanrao says leave me, else I will send the video to police. He says sorry Arya, I didn’t want to show this to you, I was helpless, you got to know the truth. Arya cries. Ankush is on the way. Satya asks will you cheat me. Jaanrao says don’t dare, leave Arya, else I will send the video. Arya hugs Jaanrao. Satya says try to understand, you are my brother in law, what do you want, money, position, I will give you everything, don’t get into my matter, she is not related to you. Jaanrao says I don’t want anything from you, I have hidden this girl from you for 8 years, I lied to you, I couldn’t save Damini, I was scared, I was weak, I will save Arya, I promised myself to stop you from reaching Arya. He asks Arya to come with him, they will go to Ankush. Arya says Satya has killed my mum. Jaanrao says yes, Bappa will punish him, police will punish him. Bela cries and says why didn’t I trust Ankush, poor Arya… Satya says listen to me, Jaanrao. Satya says I promise, I won’t do anything to Arya. Jaanrao laughs and asks will you swear, false swear in front of Aai, not me, I know you well. Aai says I have supported Satya by going against my husband Ankush, I felt he is true, people misunderstand him. She cries. She says I have raised a devil, no, I m a bad mother. Jaanrao asks Satya to let him take Arya. Satya shoots him. Arya is shocked. Jaanrao’s phone falls.

Ankush asks Satya to leave Arya. Arya says he has killed my mum. Satya says I will kill you first. Arya shouts.

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