Silsila Pyaar Ka 5th June 2016 Written Update

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Silsila Pyaar Ka 5th June 2016 Written Update by Tanaya

Silsila Pyaar Ka 5th June 2016 Written Episode

The episode begins with Janki entering vidhis room shouting at Vidhi and Kamini saying that I trusted you both more than my life but you Vidhi I allowed you to stay at my house even though your husband tried to kill my son and you Kamini you were my oldest and closest friend but you too tried to do this sin. Janki then orders Harish to throw them out of this house. Vidhi then tells them that the result of this would be much bad. Kamini tries to beg her to let her stay here but Harish sends them out. Janki then tells him that I don’t want any riches but I want only my son. Harish tells her that this time we will tell Jim sorry from the bottom of the heart and he will forgive us. There in vinays house Radhika is cooking something in anger and Neeti enters there and Radhika tells her to get out as she was going out she finds that radhikas saree has been caught by fire and calls everyone and tries to stop it in which she gets her hands burnt. Seeing this Vinay tells her that you could have done damage to our baby. Radhika feels ashamed and tells her sorry and says that today if Akshay was here he too would be ashamed of calling me maa. At that time Ashok says that today our family is settled. On the other hand Vidhi brings some gangsters and tries to warn her and says that sign the papers so that the property would come in correct hands or else it was in someone else hand. Harish tries to interupt her but those gangsters start betting him he runs from there and calls Raunak for help but he refuses thinking it another plan but after Kajals request he agrees and goes there but when he reaches there he sees that Vidhi forcing her to sign the papers and is going to slap her Raunak interrupts there and seeing this those gangsters attack him. While Raunak is fighting with them Harish and Randhir brings the police they arrest those gangsters and Raunak also tells him to arrest Vidhi munmun and Kamini and also that he himself will give a complete against them. Janki says Raunak for everything I am sorry and then goes to Randhir and holds his legs and asks for apology then Randhir also request Raunak to forgive Janki. Janki then says sorry to Kajal and then Kajal too request Raunak too forgive her. Raunak forgive Janki then Sakshi asks Kajal that why is dadi crying. Janki picks her up and says that I am not crying these are tears happiness because I have got my family back.


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  1. Kris
    June 05, 15:09 Reply

    gonna miss this show even though i din like Jhanki

  2. kris
    June 05, 15:06 Reply

    is this the last episode of this show????

    • Shivaji
      June 05, 19:57

      yes, I think so. I heard it was ending soon

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