Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 10th September 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 10th September 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 10th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Madhav asking Saltanat to stay in the dark place. She asks why did you get me here, how will I get my memory back. He says I heard staying in dark place revives memory, don’t argue, stay here. He locks the door. He recalls Sakshi’s words and takes Saltanat with him. He asks Saltanat to go and take a bath. She says I know, too much. He thinks why am I not able to make her out of my life. She asks for towel. He asks what, I m not your servant. She says you didn’t let me take the towel and lecturing me. He says fine and passes the towel. He says before you ask for something else, I m going from here. Krish and Zaroon come home.

Krish thanks him for picking him from school and getting him home. Madhav gets shocked and thinks Zaroon, does he know everything,

everything will end if he sees me. He hides. Saltanat gets ready. She sees a pigeon. Krish praises her. She gets a pigeon feather. Zaroon looks upwards. Saltanat blows the feather outside. It goes to Zaroon. She closes eyes and thinks of him. Zaroon gets the feather and goes ahead. Madhav thinks how to stop him, I can’t go in front of him. He tries to call mum or Sneha. Saltanat thinks of Zaroon. Aye nazneen….plays….
Zaroon comes there and opens the door. She is at the other side of the door. Rubina says thank Lord, everything got fine, your dad will get the doctor. Kainat asks where is Zaroon. Rubina says don’t know, he went somewhere, he wants to find Kainat. Nadim gets the doctor. Kainat says I want Zaroon to be with you at this time. Nadim says his phone isn’t connecting, what does he want, he should be with Saltanat now.

Indu stops Zaroon and asks who are you. She shouts security. Zaroon says I m not a thief. Sneha takes her sandal. Saltanat thinks thief, it means its not Madhav outside. Sneha runs after Zaroon. He asks her to calm down. Krish stops Sneha. Zaroon says I m going. She throws the sandal. Jugal gets hurt. Zaroon goes. Krish asks Madhav to see what Sneha did. Madhav looks on.

Sneha apologizes to Saltanat. She asks her to keep the sarees and get ready well. Saltanat says I don’t want your sarees. Sneha insists. She goes smiling. Zaroon comes home smiling. Nadim asks him to tell the joke to them also, they were waiting. Zaroon thinks I forgot. He says sorry Saltanat, I forgot… Kainat says its fine. She asks doctor to remove her bandages. Krish says I called Zaroon when dad didn’t come to pick me. Indu asks Madhav how did he not pick Krish. Madhav apologizes to Krish. Krish says its okay, Sneha made Zaroon run away. Madhav says don’t call him again, just call me, promise. Kainat’s bandages are removed. Everyone gets shocked seeing her new face. Zaroon says I didn’t give you this pic, she isn’t Saltanat. Kainat says I have got this face as my face reminded you of Kainat, I have ended Kainat’s last sign forever. Zaroon asks did you do this intentionally. She says no way, I can never do this, doctor told me about face surgery, I thought this new face will be new start for our coming life. Nadim, Rubina and doctor leave.

She asks Zaroon to save her sacrifice. She says I think you don’t want to forget that face. He says no, its not like that. He hugs her and says we will make a new start, don’t worry, everything will be fine. She smiles.

Kainat gets ready. Zaroon comes to the room. He says Kainat…. and gets shocked.

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