Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 1st August 2019 Written Update

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 1st August 2019 Written Update by Amena

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 1st August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Zaroon arguing with the inspector. Hamza says sorry, he is much worried. Zaroon goes. Zainab recalls Kainat’s childhood mistake. She says I don’t remember, I did a mistake by hiding her mistake, I won’t run away from truth now, I will get Kainat admitted in the hospital. Rubina says before she harms Saltanat further. Zaroon and Hamza show Saltanat’s pic to the men and ask about her. Zaroon turns to see if anyone is following. He doesn’t see anyone. He goes to ask an old man if he has seen Saltanat. The old man says she is Sita and Gita, I didn’t see anyone. Zaroon says I m from the police, I will give you 50000rs if you have seen her, tell me. The man says I will tell you, come. Zaroon calls Hamza. Someone in the burqa looks on.

Zaroon says when I woke

up in the morning, I heard some sound. Zaroon asks him not to waste his time, else he will send him to jail. The man says I have recording. Zaroon sees it and asks what next. The man says my wife had come, so I ran away, my money…. Zaroon catches his neck and says I will make your video, shall I tell Miyajaan. The man says no, he will get my shop shut. He takes the video from his phone and says don’t do this again. He deletes the video and slaps the man. The man says I won’t do this again. Zaroon and Hamza go.
They come to the same building roof. Hamza says they came here, do you think we will find something. Zaroon sees the video and says see they dropped something here. They search everywhere. Hamza says there is nothing, we shouldn’t waste time, come. Zaroon sees the blood marks. He gets a phone and a paper there. He checks phone and sees Kainat’s pic. He reads, everything will get over. He gets a call. He gets shocked. Zaroon and Hamza come to police station. Inspector takes them to identify a body. Zaroon recalls Saltanat and their marriage. He gets scared and sees the dead body. He hugs Hamza and says she isn’t Saltanat. Hamza says yes.

Mamoon says I don’t want you to get caught. She says none can catch me, I m not interested to become part of Kainat’s games. Mamoon says you think she has really done this. Sabina recalls Kainat and says she is my own niece, I know her well. He says if anything wrong happens… She says I have to go out of her clutches, I m going. He asks what about me. She says you manage on own. He says you can’t leave me alone. She says we shall run away together. Ghazala asks what. She asks what’s happening here. Sabina asks why do you ask. Ghazala says Mamoon is my husband, you wanted him to run with you. Mamoon asks Ghazala to go, else he will make her doubts true. Sabina jokes and asks them to take care.

Inspector says we have a news, you gave us this phone, we checked it and found many calls from one number. Zaroon asks whose number. Inspector says Mamoon Shah Ghazi. Zaroon asks what. Hamza asks why was Kainat talking to him. Inspector says family members are involved in such cases. Zaroon says he is my dad, you think he kidnapped my wife. Inspector asks are you hiding something from us. Zaroon recalls Rubina’s words.

Ghazala cries and says I don’t want to stay here. Zaroon says Saltanat’s life is in danger and you want to go. She tells everything. He thinks to find out Kainat and Mamoon’s connection.

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