Suhaagan 10th July 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 10th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 10th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Naina coming to the stage. Swara signs her that she is looking beautiful. Naina says even you, looking like a moon. Swara signs her. Shlok says Swara is asking you to complain about me. She looks for Vedant. Naina says he must be coming. The people comment on Swara and says why Rudra ji has selected this dumb girl for his US returned son Vedant. Manju asks Koel if she is liking it. Indu says whereever we go, we get humiliated. Swara signs a ladies pallu getting stuck in the pedestal fan. She tries to alert the lady, but the lady and other ladies laugh. Swara takes the stick kept there and runs to the lady. The lady says she is about to hit us. Swara takes out the lady’s pallu from the fan. The other lady tells the lady that the girl saved her and anything could have happen to her, if she had not taken out the pallu. Naina asks if they understood now, why Swara is becoming their bhabhi. She says people see the flaws, but my bade papa know that she is a diamond and that’s why he has chosen her. Koel asks Naina not to tell about Swara’s qualities to them, who was talking bad about Swara. Manju says you will say this, as she is silent before you. Indu taunts them asking them to get the engagement done. Baldev asks where is Vedant and Rudra ji. Koel and Vrinda come to Vedant’s room, but he is not there. They come to Rudra.

Rudra tells Koel that Vedant has ruined his respect and tells everything. He says what I will tell to Baldev ji and what Society will say, my son has ruined my respect and prestige. Koel says I will bring him back. Rudra says Vedant loves someone else. Koel says it is just an attraction of younga ge and I will bring him back. Indu hears them. She asks him to go out and welcome Baldev and his family. Indu thinks if this is runaway guy and thinks she will not let Naina get engaged to Shlok. Koel thinks she knows Vedant is with whom?

Vedant shows Goregaon ticket to Dhwani and says I have left everyone for you. Dhwani is shocked and says she can’t separate him from his family. He says we will go there and will work, and will earn some money. Dhwani thinks she wants to meet him for his money. He asks if you want to leave me. Dhwani says I can’t leave you, and says she will bring the documents so that she can get her job. Vedant hugs her. Dhwani thinks what to do, if anyone comes to know. Koel calls Dhwani. Dhwani thinks why this old lady is calling me. Koel tells her that she knows that Vedant is with her, but he didn’t take what she wants and offers her 20 lakhs to leave Vedant. Dhwani is surprised. Koel offers 40 lakhs. Dhwani agrees and asks what I shall do? Koel asks her to tell where is Vedant and asks her to convince him to get engaged to Swara. Dhwani asks her to bring money, and says Vedant is mad for her. Koel says she is giving her money to leave Vedant. Dhwani asks her to give money and then she will tell her about Vedant’s location and also about the way to convince him to get engaged to Swara. She smiles.

Rudra comes to Baldev and apologizes, says he was busy in somework. Baldev asks about Vedant. Rudra tells that Vedant takes time to get ready. Indu asks if he will come in 1 hour, and asks if he will ever come. She takes down Shlok from the stage. Naina calls Shlok. Indu calls her second hand and says they will not let her get engaged to Shlok, as her brother ran away. Vrinda asks who told you, if you heard right? Indu says she has heard right. Vrinda says after a certain age, people doesn’t hear properly. Indu says she has a good sound system. The people comments. Vrinda says Vedant had called Koel and said that he was stuck somewhere.

Manju blames Vrinda and Koel. Indu tells that they all are very clever. Shlok declares his decision and says if my sister’s alliance doesn’t happen then I will not marry Naina. He says neither Vedant nor Rudra Pratap ji’s tongue is trustable. He asks Swara to come, and says they have bear enough humiliation. He is about to take Swara away, when Rudra tells that he will not back off his tongue, Swara will become his bahu, but will marry Jagdish’s son Abhimanyu. Swara and Abhi are shocked.

Episode ends.

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