Krishna Mohini 10th July 2024 Written Update

Krishna Mohini 10th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Krishna Mohini 10th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mohini taking the saree. Krishna comes and asks Ketan did you find out anything. Mohini turns to leave. She collides with Srijala. The saree falls. Srijala asks her to use glasses if she can’t see. Ketan says no, nothing was recorded, I just got a red saree which Mohini left there. Krishna asks red saree? She asks Mohini to show that red saree. Mohini turns towards her. She recalls Srijala changing the red saree. Sid asks Ketan to come with him. Mohini says that folk artist gifted it to me, you can keep it if you want. Krishna says no, you keep it. She says how shall I find out, why is Aryaman worried. Srijala asks how can she make a big mistake, Sid. Mohini says I had thrown it out of the window. Srijala scolds her.

She recalls taking the saree from her cupboard. She says Sid, you would have got caught as well. Mohini says I m silent because you are Sid’s mum, I respect you. Srijala asks her to say her relation with Sid. Mohini says Sid is my… Sid stops her. He says we have to work like a team if we have to win this game, please relax. Srijala nods. She asks Mohini to take the saree and not throw it out of the window, burn it this time. Mohini taunts her. Srijala asks what. Sid says I will explain her, you go. He sends Srijala. Sid asks Mohini to relax, its time to execute the next plan.

Aryaman hits the punching bag and recalls Mohini’s words. She comes and shows their pics. He asks who has sent this to you. She says I don’t know, please save me, I will be ruined if anyone gets these pics. She gives the letter. Aryaman reads it. She says someone is trying to blackmail us, please help me, I will die if anyone gets it. He says stop crying, I will see how to handle this, tell me if this person calls you. She smiles.

He thinks how did they click the pics, did the resort room had cameras, Mohini came there, she got these pics, she was getting overfriendly and came close to me to clean the shirt, how was that person present at both the places. He calls Gupta and asks him to send cctv footage. He asks him to find out about Mohini, who accompanied her and when did she check in. He sends Mohini’s pic. He takes a bath and comes. He waits for Gupta’s call. Krishna comes and asks what happened to you, who has snatched your happiness, I have to see your happiness again. She sings Bolo piya….. She asks him to have food. He rests in her lap. She says something is bothering you a lot.

She says I don’t know what is stopping you from sharing my pain. He says if I make a mistake then will you forgive me. She says I will forgive you even if you take my life, I know, you can never make any mistake. He asks what if I did. She says we will find a way. She pacifies him. He asks are you sure that we will handle this. She says 100 percent, I know the strength of relations. She cheers him and holds his face. She asks him to have food. Gupta calls him. Aryaman asks Krishna to give the key, its imp call. She gives the keys. He unlocks the door and goes out. She says what’s more imp than me. Gupta says every record is clean, Mohini came in day time and went to her room, they have no cctv footage of night time, receptionist said Mohini came with her BF, she was behaving strange, Mr. Jacob was with her, she asked for room 1507 by giving double money. Aryaman asks but why, anyways thanks, tell me if you get any info. Aryaman says why did she take the room next to mine. Mohini burns the saree. Aryaman knocks the door. She puts off the fire. She opens the window and takes the dustbin outside. She opens the door for him. He asks why is smoke there. She says I had burnt incense/dhoop for meditation. She shows him. He says I got to know you had gone to the hotel in the morning, who is Jacob, what game are you playing. She asks what are you saying. He says you have told everything, you said you came to resort at night, that too alone, it’s a lie, why are you doing this. She says Jacob is my ex BF, we were together in London, he didn’t want me to come to India to become a singer, we broke up, he came there and took me to the resort, he wanted to take me back to London, so I came to your room and that happened between us, I had no courage to tell about him, I felt you will judge me and call me wrong. He says you think I will believe your story, why did you ask for the room next to mine, by giving double money, you have no ID card, how did you get a room there. She thinks I can’t get saved of Aryaman’s questions today…

The episode ends.

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