Suhaagan 24th June 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 24th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 24th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Swara running and coming to Dhwani. She signs her and Dhwani interprets that she met the old man whom she had saved and he wants to make her as her bahu, but she likes the guy as she shows his pic to Dhwani. Dhwani asks her not to panic and says he must have understood that you are not interested and says he will not come home.

Rudra Pratap comes to Baldev’s house and tells that they are lucky to get Shlok as their son in law, and says his big is heart to accept Naina though she is a widow. Indu says Widow. Baldev signs her. Dhwani asks Swara if your hero called. Swara signs and asks what is his name? dhwani says she didn’t ask. Baldev says Shlok told me everything and says he wants Naina to come in just 2 clothes. Rudra Pratap tells that he wants something in return. Dhwani and Swara get down the car. Dhwani says I know someone came to see Shlok bhaiyya, and says there was so much traffic, I can’t fly the car. She sees Rudra Pratap’s car and says car worth 2 crores, and hopes to get alliance for her. Baldev asks what do you want? Rudra Pratap says your grand daughter. Baldev sees Swara and Dhwani and says you both have come. Rudra Pratap says I want to make your grand daughter as my bahu. Dhwani thinks what the hell, I can’t let this alliance happen. Vedant sends message to Swara. Dhwani evaluates Rudra’s clothes, shoes, watch etc. Baldev asks Swara to come. Swara comes near and touches Rudra Pratap’s feet. Dhwani also touches his feet. She says lets make tulsi tea. She thinks why this guy haven’t chosen me.

In the kitchen, Dhwani tells that she can understand her dilemma. She asks Swara to mix salt in the tea, so that Rudra Pratap refuses to make her as her daughter in law. Swara refuses. Dhwani insists. Swara brings the tea and gives to Rudra Pratap. Rudra Pratap thanks her. He sips the tea and spits. Baldev asks what happened? Rudra Pratap asks why did you add salt in the tea. Baldev says you have added salt mistakenly. Rudra Pratap says if you wanted to refuse then should have told directly and asks about her values. Dhwani apologises to him. Rudra Pratap says I can’t make Swara as my bahu, but this Dhwani seems to be sanskari, I want to make her as my bahu. Dhwani bends down and takes his blessings. He blesses her.

Dhwani burns her hand while dreaming and realizes it was her imagination, but she will marry his son. She adds salt in the tea. Vedant asks Abhimanyu if he has any flaws as the girl is not giving him any attention. Koel hears and asks who is the girl, and says only she has the right to search girl for him. Rudra’s sister comes there and asks him to search a dumb girl for himself.

Rudra Pratap tells Baldev that he had got mild heart attack, and Swara is the girl who risked her life and saved him. Baldev tries to tell about Swara, but Rudra Pratap says he knows everything about her, and thinks she talks less and is a shy girl. Koel and her sister in law argue that they will select girl for Vedant. Vedant coughs and asks for water, when they go to get water, vedant runs with Abhimanyu. Dhwani serves tea to Rudra. Rudra Pratap tastes the tea and asks Swara, how did she know that he drinks salted tea and not sugary tea. He says this is Mata Rani’s sign that this alliance is meant to be. Baldev agrees for the alliance. Rudra Pratap asks Baldev if he can meet Swara. He goes to Swara. Swara is crying in the temple. Rudra Pratap says he understands her dilemma and guarantees that they all will love her a lot. He keeps his phone there, asking her to see Vedant’s photo.

Precap: Swara has everything but has no voice. Dhwani helps Swara convey her message and is her voice. Dhwani’s Mother reminds Dhwani that she is a maid’s daughter. Dhwani says that soon this maid’s daughter will have everything she wants.

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