Udaariyaan 24th June 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 24th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Udaariyaan 24th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Meher coming out of the room holding her head. Everyone gets shocked seeing her forehead bleeding. Sarab says I will call Doctor. Meher stops him and accuses him of attacking her, as she recalls seeing him. Everyone gets shocked. Meher faints and falls on him. Sarab holds her and asks her to open her eyes. He says we shall take her to hospital. Sukhi takes the gun and says he will not leave Sarab. Haniya says they have to take her to hospital. They run her to hospital. Doctor says it is a Police case. Sarab asks Doctor to treat her. Doctor says ok. Sukhi asks Sarab, why did he do this with her. Doctor comes there and says nothing can be said, as she lost much blood. Everyone cries.

Munni comes to the hospital and asks Aasma what happened to her, if she will be fine. Haniya says Doctor said that treatment is going on, and nothing can be said till now. Sukhi tells Munni that this happened because of your son. Neetu says he was drunk. Sarab’s father says Sarab can never raise hand on any girl. Munni also says the same, Sarab can’t do such a thing. Sukhi says he has eloped. Haniya thinks where did he go? She comes to the Gurudwara and finds him praying for Meher there. She tells him that Meher has gained consciousness. They rush to the hospital. Haniya hugs Meher and asks if she is fine. Meher says she is fine. Sarab comes there. Sukhi asks who asked you to come here, don’t come near my grand daughter. Neetu asks him to leave, and says our daughter is fine, that is all matters to us. Rano says we didn’t expect this from you. Aasma asks Sarab, if he wants to give clarification. Sarab offers her prasad. She refuses to have it and says you planned attacked on me and then brought prasad. Haniya says I don’t think that Sarab can do this. Meher says he was knocking the door fastly and then he put sand in my eyes and then hit my head on the wall, just as I opened the door. She says I have seen you. Aasma asks Sarab, why you are silent and says if her trust breaks then she will not hesitate to break the alliance. Sarab says he didn’t break her trust and promises to expose the guilty. Haniya says whoever has done this with you, I will not leave that person. She comes out and tells Sarab that he don’t need to clarify, as she knows that he can’t do this with anyone. She says we shall check in Meher’s room for the clues. They check in Meher’s room and finds a bar bill. He leaves. Haniya finds a key there.

Sarab comes home and shouts calling Leo. He begins slapping Leo and scolds him for hurting Meher. Leo says I was unwell and didn’t go to have wine. He says you have beaten me so much. Munni says he was at home all night. Lily and Shaily also say the same. Sarab goes. Haniya comes to the office and asks about the key. The employee tells that one key is with Meher and other with….. Sarab comes to the bar and enquires about the bill. Shakti comes there and hides. Haniya comes there and tells that she came to know that Shakti is the culprit and says she enquired in the office about the key which she found in Meher’s room and came to know that one key is with Meher and other with Shakti. Just then the bar worker asks Shakti why he is hiding. Shakti tries to run, but Aasma throws something on him to make him fall down and Sarab catches him.

Meher asks where is Haniya, and where is that Sarab who had promised. Haniya and Sarab bring Shakti there and says he is the attacker. Shakti confesses to his crime and tells that she had insulted him so much, and now he is not getting any job. Meher gets up and slaps him. Shakti is about to slap her, but Haniya holds his hand and warns him. She tells everyone that Shakti had burnt the factory. Sarab says he didn’t clarify as nobody would believe her, and asks Meher if she has any complains with him.

Precap: Meher says to Haniya that she knows her sister can do anything for her. Haniya says to her that it’s just not her even Sarab will do anything for her and asks her to give Sarab one chance.
Haniya walks to Sarab and asks him did he fall for Meher after seeing how kind she is.

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