Suhaagan 5th July 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 5th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Suhaagan 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vedant telling that he will talk to Mummy. Koel asks him to say what has happened? She asks everyone not to worry and says her son will not ask for any dowry. Indu thinks once Vedant refuses, then she will not let Shlok marry Naina. Dhwani thinks Vedant will not marry Swara as I taught him love chapter. Vedant tells Koel that he can’t marry Swara, as he loves someone else. Koel recalls whatever Dhwani told her. Swara goes fom there. Shlok goes behind her, but Swara signs that she wants to go alone. Vedant tells Koel that he wants to talk and if he marries Swara then there will be silence in his life. Koel puts her pallu infront of him and says even if I take care of your father, then what about Naina. He says Naina became a widow in this young age, and she is getting happiness with Shlok, and asks him not to snatch her happiness. She acts to cries. Vedant goes from there. Shlok tells him that his sister is crying because of him, and asks how can a person be so insensitive? Vedant asks Swara to open the door. Swara opens the door. Vedant brings Swara there. Dhwani thinks now he will refuse for marriage and Shuklas will get a big shock.

Vedant goes to Shlok and says he will not let his father’s word go waste, and inexchange he hopes that he will take care of his sister. Dhwani is shocked. Shlok hugs Vedant and says he will keep her very happy and hopes the same with you. Indu asks did you really want to marry Swara. Vedant says yes. Indu says then why did you go from here. She says this is exchange marriage. Shlok says what you are saying? Swara signs Vedant if he is marrying her for the exchange. Shlok says this is not truth. Dhwani thinks to take advantage of the situation and says Swara is asking if he has agreed to marry her due to Naina, and says if this is truth, then he will make Naina as her bhabhi even if he marry her or not. Vedant says he really wants to marry Swara, and tells that he is not pressurised by anyone, and says right now he don’t love Swara, but knows that his father can’t take wrong decision for him. Dhwani is shocked. Koel takes off bad sight from Swara and gives the money to Swara, asking her to buy something for herself. Dhwani goes to kitchen and thinks Vedant has turned from his tongue. Koel comes there and applies black color of kadai on her face. Dhwani challenges Koel that she will marry Vedant, and says she knows that she wants silencer bahu for her son. Koel says her Servant is ready to marry her. Dhwani applies kadai black stain on her clothes and face more and thinks to take revenge on Koel.

Koel tells that they shall begin the arrangements for the marriage. Swara keeps pillow behind Rudra’s back. Rudra blesses her and tells Amma that Swara is one in crores, she knows everything without being told. Baldev says she is our respect, honour and pride. Shlok says she is our life and asks them to think that they are giving their lives to them. Rudra asks Shlok not to worry and assures Amma that Vedant will protect Swara and will love her more than his own life. Swara smiles. Koel says she thought to keep engagement at their house after 2 days. Rudra says it is a good thought and we will turn it into reality. He invites Baldev and family to come to Sharma Nivas for Swara and Vedant’s engagement.

Vedant is drinking water and coughs seeing Dhwani. Koel looks at her. Dhwani thinks she will not let this engagement and marriage happen.

Precap: Dhwani makes a plan to trap Swara and sends her to a hotel. Vedant sees Swara entering the hotel and goes behind her. Swara is pulled by a man in a room and he tries to assault her.

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