Udaariyaan 5th July 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 5th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Udaariyaan 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sarab telling that the marriage will happen with Haniya’s wish. Haniya says I am not yet ready for marriage. Meher says I had refused, but nobody listen. Sarab says we didn’t proceed until you agree. Meher asks why you are interfering. Sarab says I will be marrying you, your family matter is my family matter too, and says Haniya ji is already troubled. Aasma says decisions can’t be taken in a hurry. Meher says but you took my marriage decision in a hurry. Haniya says she don’t want to marry any guy in a hurry. Sarab asks do you love someone? Meher meets Vikram and asks him about his family. He says his Dadi and him. She asks what does he do? Vikram tells that he was going for interview when this thing happened? He asks why you are asking me. Meher comes home and tells that she has found Vikram suitable for Haniya. She says she has enquired about him and he is a nice guy. Haniya refuses for marriage. Meher says this marriage will happen. Aasma asks what happened between you both. Haniya says nothing. Meher says nothing big, if it was big then I would have told you. She says she wants to talk to Haniya and takes her outside. She drives rashly and asks her to confess that she loves Sarab. Haniya says she doesn’t love him. Meher says then you hate me. Haniya says why will I hate him. She says I don’t think about him. Aasma, Sukhi, Rano and others are worried. Meher asks Haniya to get ready to marry Vikram, else she will not stop the car. She takes the car to the cliff and is about to make the car fall down, when she stops the car.

Meher returns home with Haniya, and says she has a good news. Haniya says I am ready for marriage. She recalls Meher threatening her. Sarab asks how did you agree? Aasma says you didn’t want to marry. Haniya says she wants to marry Vikram. Meher says tomorrow will be Haniya’s roka and her marriage will happen first then Sarab and her marriage.

Sarab says he will talk to Vikram. Later everyone comes for the roka. Simmy comes there and apologizes to Haniya. Haniya asks her not to blame herself. Sarab comes there and says he met Vikram and he told that he used to love someone, who was in love with his friend, so he sacrificed his love for his friend. He asks if you want to marry him still. Haniya sees Meher standing and tells that she wants to marry Vikram.

Meher welcomes Vikram and his Dadi. Haniya comes there and sits with Vikram. She tells Vikram that she don’t love him. He says I can understand, your companionship matters. Their roka happens. Rano gives them shagun, followed by Vikram’s Dadi. Simmy is sad for Haniya and goes to her. Haniya hugs her and cries. Vikram and his Dadi leaves.

Vikram comes out with his Dadi. He makes her sit in the auto. She asks him to give the money. Shakti comes there and gives money to his fake Dadi. The lady goes in the auto. Shakti and Vikram have a hug. Shakti says we will destroy Haniya and will make her condition so bad.

Meher stops Sarab from going behind Haniya, and asks until when you will guard her. Sarab asks if she convinced Haniya for marriage and says this decision can prove costly for Haniya. Haniya comes out and gets shocked. She shouts. Sarab and Meher run out and sees Haniya unconscious with head injury.

Precap: Sarab is excited for his wedding with Meher and says the day has finally arrived and now Meher will be mine. Meher gets ready for the wedding. Haniya marries Sarab, Sarab says to Haniya that she has broken his trust and he will never respect this marriage.

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