Suhaagan 5th June 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 5th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 5th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Payal telling that her other leg is in pain. Bindiya says she will take her to the hospital. Indu asks Sakshi to take her to the hospital. Payal thinks take me to hospital, till then Birju will do my work. In the hospital, Bindiya asks Nurse how much time will be taken. Nurse says your number is after 2 patients. Bindiya asks Nurse to take care of Payal and tells that he will make a call and will come back. She calls Krish. Krish says he is reaching Bardoyi. Bindiya says she is feeling bad and asks where is he? He says he will reach in sometime. Just then he stops the car seeing Birju standing on the way. Bindiya tells Krish that she has a feeling that something is wrong and asks him to return. Krish says ok. Birju provokes him to get down the car and calls him coward, throws bangles on his face. Krish gets down and starts fighting with Birju. He beats up birju and asks him to say where is Sarpanch ji. Babli comes there and asks Krish to leave her brother. Krish asks her to move and says he don’t want to hurt her. He asks her to ask him to say where he has hidden Bardoyi’s sarpanch.

Gunwanti comes there and hits rod on Krish’s head from backside. Krish faints and falls down holding her feet. Bindiya feels anxious. Her mangalsutra breaks. Payal comes and stands on the beads. Bindiya asks her to move and tells that her mangalsutra is on the floor. She picks it up and tells that Krish is in trouble. Payal asks her to go and says she will manage. Bindiya says she will leave the car and driver for her. She leaves. Payal smirks. Krish gets up and holds Birju. Gunwanti hits on his head twice until it starts bleeding profusely. Babli says if something happens to him, then? Gunwanti says she is doing this for her. They take Krish from there.

Bindiya reaches there and finds Krish’s car, rod and blood on the road. She thinks how to find out about him. Payal comes home and tells that Bindiya went to search Krish. Everyone gets worried. Payal enjoys seeing their worried faces and thinks to see Bindiya’s helpless face.

Bindiya comes to Sarpanch with Chirayya Sarpanch and asks about Krish. Sarpanch tells that he doesn’t know and tells that Birju threatened him to call Krish. Gunwanti talks to Payal and says Bindiya and Krish will separate. Payal says she can’t lose. Gunwanti comes inside the place where they have kept Krish. Birju tells that Bindiya will be in his embrace and she will be his wife. Babli asks him to have water. Krish refuses. Birju hits him. Gunwanti tells that they shall leave from here. Babli says she will stay here for Krish. Gunwanti asks Babli not to help Krish. They leave. Krish asks her to free her hands, but she refuses. Birju comes home and sees Bindiya standing.

Episode ends.

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