Suhaagan 6th July 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 6th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 6th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhwani coming to the hall. Vedant gets shocked to see her. She sits down and cleans the table with her saree shocking everyone. Swara signs her not to do this. Baldev asks why she is doing this? Dhwani says this is her work, if she doesn’t do then who will do. She says she will serve the juice and makes it fall on Vedant. She then apologizes to him, calling him sahab. Vedant says its ok. Indu scolds Dhwani. Dhwani apologizes to Vedant. Nidhi asks Dhwani to relax. Dhwani asks Vedant to clean the stain and asks him to come with her. She signs Koel and goes with Vedant.

In the room, she confronts Vedant for choosing rich girl though she is dumb and speechless, Her mother comes there and confronts and slaps her. Dhwani acts as if her mother is slapping her due to the juice incident. Vedant feels bad for her condition. Sudha takes her to her room, and confronts her, asking why she wants Swara’s suhaag. Dhwani says she will not just snatch him, but will burn her destiny. Swara comes there and asks Sudha not to slap Dhwani. Dhwani asks her to go and thinks she will bring a storm in Swara’s life. She comes to the bathroom and washes her face, and finds Vedant’s phone there. She scratches the sim card and puts the phone under water, and thinks by the time, his phone gets repaired, my work will be done. Later Swara applies something on Dhwani’s face. Dhwani has kept the letter there and reads it out that Vedant wants to meet her in the hotel room. Swara refuses to go alone. Dhwani says I can’t come, he wants to spend time with you. He says Vedant ji is US returned and you are temple goer. She says if he can come to temple for you, then can’t you go to hotel. She asks her to go and get ready. She recalls asking her boyfriend Rajat to defame Swara so much that Vedant calls off the alliance. He asks what he will get? She kisses on his face and says this is advance and you will get everything after the work is done. He says ok and asks her to send Swara to hotel Orchid. Dhwani smiles. fb ends. Dhwani thinks Swara will be ruined and old man will call off the alliance.

Precap: Swara is happy that she is going to get engaged and shares her happiness with everyone. Meanwhile Vedant tells Rudra that he can’t do this engagement as he loves someone else.

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