Krishna Mohini 6th July 2024 Written Update

Krishna Mohini 6th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Krishna Mohini 6th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Srijala recalling getting the rats to make Aryaman out of the house. She says rats might have come from the window, we can’t feed this bhog to brahmans, if they go hungry then it will be a bad omen. Krishna says no, I can’t let this happen, I will make the bhoj again. Krishna asks her to handle things outside, and send Dhanya. Dadi says sorry, bhog isn’t cooked right, have fruits till then, other bhog is getting prepared. Krishna gets the fresh bhog for the pandits. They like the bhog. The pandits leave. Krishna says I will leave for Daman now. Srijala says its heavy rains red alert, you may get stuck. Dadi says yes, call Aryaman and inform him that you aren’t coming, we all will worry. Krishna says fine, I will talk to him. She asks Anshuman for phone. She calls Aryaman and says his phone is not reachable, I can talk to him when he comes back to resort.

Aryaman sees Mohini and goes to her. He asks what are you doing here, you didn’t say you are coming here. She says I also didn’t know about it, I came with local art group, Mumbai route is blocked by rains, how did you come here. He says I had some work. She says we can go to Mumbai tomorrow morning. He asks how do you know I m going tomorrow. She says you can’t go today if routes are blocked, I m smart. He asks are you alone here or is someone there. She says I m alone, shall we have dinner together. He says no, Krishna is coming, we will meet tomorrow morning. He goes. She thinks you had made good plan with Krishna, but you have to spend time with me.

Aryaman comes to the room. He says I will call Krishna and tell her that Mohini is here, she should spend time with me and not worry about Mohini, I don’t want any third person between us. He checks the phone and says there is no network. Sid asks what, I told you not to go out. Mohini says I handled him well, we have to stop him from going out and making calls. Sunil comes and says manager has brought special order for you. Aryaman says fine, keep it. Sunil leaves. Aryaman says network might have gone due to bad weather. He sits and drinks the soup. He gets dizzy. Krishna calls Aryaman. Sid says he will not understand that you aren’t Krishna, but Mohini. Mohini gets dressed in a red saree. The power goes. Aryaman says how did the lights get off. Mohini comes to Aryaman’s room. He sees Krishna in her.

He asks am I dreaming, no, I knew it, you will come, I was missing you. She says you called me with love, I had to come. Krishna worries when the sindoor box falls. She picks the sindoor. She thinks is it a sign of a bad omen. Aryaman hugs Mohini. Krishna runs to the temple and prays.

Sid watches Aryaman and Mohini on the camera feed. Aryaman says my head is spinning, shall I take medicine. Mohini thinks why isn’t he fainting. She sprays something at him. He falls on the bed. Krishna says I wish belief and prayer can make the impossible possible, protect my sindoor, its your responsibility, don’t snatch my precious relation. Mohini removes Aryaman’s shirt. Sid smiles. Dadi asks what happened. Krishna says sindoor box fell, Aryaman isn’t answering, I want to talk to him. Dadi says don’t worry, maybe his phone battery got dead, he might have fallen asleep. Krishna asks why am I so restless. Dadi asks Anshuman to call the person who Aryaman went to meet. She says ask him to tell Aryaman to talk to Krishna. Anshuman says its late. Krishna says I feel something wrong is going to happen. Dadi asks Anshuman to call. Anshuman goes. Kundan says Srijala, ask Sid, maybe he knows it. Srijala thinks Sid said he is doing something to make Aryaman out, did he do anything to Aryaman. She says he was going to his friend, I will call him. Anshuman says that person isn’t answering. Srijala calls Sid. She asks where are you, are you with Anshuman. Sid thinks to tell her later. He says no, I m with my friend now. She asks is he fine, why did you ask me to stop Krishna here. He says I will tell you everything tomorrow. Mohini says someone is knocking the door, who can it be, what shall I do. Sid worries. Mohini asks did Krishna come. Sid asks can’t you be quiet for sometime. Srijala scolds him. Sid says I was talking to Mohit. The man calls out Aryaman and knocks the door. Sid says I can’t hear you…. and ends call. Mohini says its not my mistake if someone is knocking. Sid says I will handle it. Srijala says he is hiding something, he is with Mohini. She asks Krishna where is Mohini. Krishna says maybe she is in her room. Anshuman says she isn’t there, even her bags aren’t there.

The episode ends.

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