Suhaagan 7th July 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 7th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 7th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vedant telling Abhimanyu that Dhwani was sad and he has increased her problems. Abhimanyu asks him to talk to Swara and make her understand the situation. Vedant tries to call her, and finds his phone not working. Abhi asks him to call her from his number, but he doesn’t have Swara’s number. Abhi says I will get number from Badi Mom or Naina. Vedant stops him and says he will talk to Swara face to face.

Naina’s mother tells Koel that she fears that Shlok’s grand mother might trouble Naina. Koel says if she troubles Naina then we will trouble her grand daughter here. Manju claps and asks what did you do that Vedant agreed for marriage. Vedant is going out urgently. Manju asks what happened? Vedant says he will tell after coming home. He leaves. Swara gets down the taxi and gives money to the driver. Vedant is going from there and sees Swara. He calls her, but she doesn’t listen. A waitress gives her flower and says Sir is waiting for you in the private room. She takes her inside to the room and asks her to go. Vedant comes inside and sees people dancing. Swara knocks on the door. Dhwani’s boyfriend Rajat opens the door and pulls her inside. Swara is shocked. Vedant asks the waiter who tells that the girl went to the room. He comes there, but waitress stops him. He asks her to let him go inside, and gives his credit card for payment.

He checks in the room, but there is some couple there. He says sorry and closes the door. Rajat throws Swara’s dupatta and says he will click romantic pictures with her. He tears her sleeve and tries to force himself on her. Vedant thinks to go when he sees traditional sandal and thinks if it is of Swara. He knocks on the door. Rajat says whoever is there, leave. Swara makes her bangles sound. Vedant realizes that she is Swara. He tries and breaks the door to get inside. Rajat asks who are you? Vedant is shocked to see Swaraa’s condition and beats Rajat. Swara hugs him and cries. He asks her not to worry and says you are safe now. He asks if you are fine? He sees scratches on her hand and covers her with his jacket. Rajat takes out the gun and aims at them, telling that both Laila and Majnu will die, and asks them not to make a last wish.

Vedant makes Swara stand behind him, but she comes infront of him sheilding him. Rajat says you want to die. Vedant thinks she was shaking with fear and now she is ready to get bullet on herself to save me. He shoots at Swara, but Vedant saves her and they fall on the bed together. Rajat runs away. He calls Dhwani and informs that the work can’t be done, as a guy came and saved Swara. The Police comes there and sees them on the bed and tells that they are under arrest. Vedant tells that he can explain. Swara signs Inspector and shows scratches on her hand, and signs Inspector that Vedant didn’t do anything, but someone else did. Vedant says I saved her and that guy shot at us. Swara signs the bullet on the wall. Inspector asks for his name. Vedant says he is Vedant Singh, and she is Swara Shukla. Inspector asks constable to see CCTV to arrest the guy. He asks them to go to their houses, and says they are from a good families.

Vedant and Swara are about to leave, when he asks why did she come here? Swara gives him letter. He reads it and gets shocked. He says I didn’t write this letter. Swara looks on shocked.

Precap: Vedant tells Rudra that he can’t get engaged to Swara as he loves someone else. Swara is happy that she will get engaged to Vedant.

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