Udaariyaan 7th July 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 7th July 2024 Written Update by USERNAMEhere

Udaariyaan 7th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sarab following Meher on his bike and stops it before her car. Meher gets down the car. Sarab asks what is it, do you know everyone is waiting for you at home. Meher says which mehendi, and tells that when he has no feelings for her, then what is the use of these rasams. Sarab says Madam ji. Meher says whatever I feel for you, you don’t feel for me, you still call me Madam ji. He asks why you are saying this? Meher says Haniya and you both love each other and cheating me. Sarab says Haniya ji is just my friend. Meher says you do the things for Haniya, which you don’t do for me. He keeps broken glass piece on her neck and says he had only loved her and not Haniya. Meher hugs him and asks him not to talk about taking his life. She says if anything happens to you then I can’t live.

Simmy asks Haniya not to marry Vikram. Haniya says she has to marry. Meher says Haniya loves him and that’s why she thought that he also loves her. He says no, she misunderstood the situation. He proposes her love and says he just loves her. Meher is happy and asks him to prove his love. She asks him to marry her tomorrow itself. She comes home and tells everyone that she will marry Sarab after Haniya and Vikram’s marriage. Vikram looks at Shakti, who is indisguise of a waiter. Leo makes Vikram drink wine, after which the latter misbehaves with Haniya and Sarab. Sarab asks Haniya if she wants to marry him still. Haniya defends Vikram. She goes. Munni comes there and helps Leo make Sarab drunk. Haniya sees Sarab falling and takes him to room. Sarab sees Meher in Haniya, and starts kissing her on her cheeks while Haniya tries to resist and goes away from there. Someone records them in their phone. Meher asks Haniya if she saw Sarab. Haniya says no. Meher comes to Sarab and says tomorrow we will unite.

Haniya and Meher sit for the haldi rasams. Everyone dances. Meher and Haniya apply haldi to each other. Cutie pie song plays….Meher says sorry to Haniya for getting her married eagerly and says you will be happy with Vikram. Haniya nods her head.

Later Haniya gets ready for her marriage. Aasma takes out bad sight from them. The groom comes with his fake Dadi. Sarab sees Vikram with someone else and questions him. Vikram doesn’t answer and goes. Sarab follows the guy and finds him to be Vikram. He asks if you are here, then who is on the mandap. Haniya recalls seeing the tattoo on Vikram’s hand and doubts the groom sitting beside her. Shakti smirks as he is seated as the groom.

Precap: Sarab is excited that he will marry Meher, but destiny makes him marry Haniya. He tells Haniya that he will never forgive her.

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