Suhaagan 7th June 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 7th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 7th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Payal asking Birju if he don’t feel ashamed to do this with his childhood friend. She ask him to say where is Krish, else. He asks what she will do and says he has been hearing this since childhood and is bored. He keeps knife on her neck. Payal smiles and then says what you are doing. Bindiya says you can’t harm Payal. Birju says I will not hurt Krishna or Payal, but you have to obey my sayings else I will cut Krishna’s neck with this knife. Bindiya shouts Birju. Payal says Birju is very much dangerous, I am afraid. Babli asks Krish to have something, when he refuses, she sits to have it.

Birju comes home and calls Bindiya, saying he has brought food for her. Gunwanti tells him that Bindiya has eloped and says if Payal comes to know that she will make us remember our grand mother, and will not leave us. Birju tells that he is not Payal’s slave, he shook his hand with Payal to separate Bindiya and Krish. He says he dislikes Payal since his childhood, she is greedy witch. He says he just wants Bindiya. He comes out and sees Bindiya sitting outside and drinking wine. He asks if you are drinking? She says you have filled so much pain in my life then I have to drink. He asks her to come home. Bindiya says until you will make me talk to Krishna ji, I will not go. He says ok and calls Babli. Bindiya is on call and asks her to make Bindiya talk to Krishna ji. Birju asks her to make her talk to Krish. Krish asks Bindiya if she is fine. babli asks Birju why is he doing? Birju asks her to do as he said. He says a big trouble is here.

Bindiya talks to Krish and asks how is he? She says your suhaagan is not fine at all. Krish says Birju…you made my Bindiya drink wine. Birju says no, she drank on her own. Krish asks bindiya if you drank it yourself, why? Bindiya says her friend betrayed her and her mother in law thrown her out of the house. Krish is shocked. Bindiya says you couldn’t protect me, and couldn’t fight with this useless Birju. She says your mother has thrown bahu out for the house for her son. Krish says he will not bear anything againt his mother. She says Birji is better than you She winks her eye at him. He realizes it is her plan and says babli is better than you, atleast she don’t argye. She says she don’t want to see his face. He says even I don’t want to see you. Bindiya pretends to sleep. He lifts her and thinks atleast she is valuing him. Payal calls Gunwanti and asks if everything is fine.

Next morning, Indu comes to the outhouse and asks them to bring Krishna in 2 hours, else she will not leave them. Bindiya thinks Krish will be freed in 2 hours. She comes inside and tells babli that Indu will not accept the bahu who has hurt her son. She asks Babli to bring Krish and get accepted by Indu. Babli goes there and tells Krish that she has come. Bindiya follows her and comes there. Krish says you have come. Bindiya says nobody can separate her from her Krishna ji. She fights with Babli and makes her fall down. She tries to free Krishna, when Birju, Gunwanti and Payal come there wearing PPE outfit and masks on their nose, and make all the place smoky. Bindiya falls down. She holds Payal, but she hits her with the stick and goes. They all sit in the car. Bindiya gets up and comes out. She tries to open the door and runs behind the car asking them to leave Krish.

Precap: Birju threatens Bindiya that let Krishna marry his sister and asks Bindiya to spend a night with him or else he will kill Krishna.

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