Udaariyaan 7th June 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 7th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Udaariyaan 7th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sarab stitching the buttons to the clothes., The watchman says some noise came from machine room. They come to the room and sees Bishan Singh fall down from roof. Sarab says we shall take him to hospital. He lifts him and takes him outside. He asks someone to open the car door. The worker says this is Madam’s car. Sarab says no problem, and takes him in the car. Driver tries to stop him. Sarab pushes him, sits on the driver’s seat and goes. Meher comes out of the house. Shakti says he has called ambulance. Meher tells workers that Bishan Singh will be fine. She asks where is her car? Driver says Sarab took Bishan Singh in the car. Meher gets angry. Doctor informs Sarab that he has brought him to the hospital at the right time, else he would have lost his hand. Other workers praise Sarab for saving Bishan Singh and says his family will bless you. Sarab is thankful to baba ji. Meher says he is an employee, how dare he to take my car. The guard says bishan singh’s condition was bad. Shakti says I will bring your car. Meher says I will wait for him to come. Shakti thinks there will be entertainment today.

Sarab comes back to the company and tells that Bishan Singh is fine. He asks Meher not to worry. Meher asks how dare you to take my car and says he should have wait for the ambulance to come. Sarab says Bishan Singh’s hand would get cut if there was a small delay. They argue. Meher fires him. All the workers take a stand for Sarab and says he didn’t do wrong, and tells that if Sarab is thrown out then they will not do job here. Sarab asks them not to do this for him. The workers say that it is their problem now and not his personal. Meher says if they think that car is important to them than them, then she will show what she will do. She says if anyone touches her car, then what she does. She pours kerosene oil and burns the car. Aasma and Haniya come there and get shocked. Aasma says she will see her, but Haniya feigns pain in her leg to stop her. Aasma catches her lie and says she will punish her. Haniya says she will take out anger on the workers.

Shakti comes behind Meher and tells that he will make workers understand. She slaps him and says he is useless. Shakti plans revenge. The workers tell that they will do the strike. Sarab stops them and asks them to complete their shift and leave. Haniya says Mamma went to talk to Bishan Singh’s family. Sarab asks her to get Meher treated. Meher comes home, hugs Rano and cries. Rano says you have burnt car in anger. Meher says my blood boils seeing that man. Sarab comes home and sees blood on his hand. He cleans it. He checks for food, but Saily says she had messaged him that all the food is over, Leo ate all. Sarab says yes. Munni comes and asks for the gold chain. He gives the gold chains. Munni gets happy. Later Haniya refuses to make coffee for Meher. Meher gets hurt. Munni finds blood on the clothes. Sarab tells her everything. Munni asks her not to mess with the servant. Meher asks Haniya to tell what happened to her. Haniya asks her to apologize to workers and Sarab. Meher refuses. Sarab thinks if I shall apologize to her.

Precap: Sarab says to Meher that he can’t tolerate her nonsense. He says to her that when he touched her car she burnt it and today he touched her what will she do now.
Haniya says to Sarab that Meher may look rude but she is not, she just has a short temper. Meher says to Dadi that she hates Sarab.

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