Suhaagan 8th July 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 8th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Swara signing Vedant, what is he doing here? Vedant says I saw you coming here and that’s why I came. He says but I haven’t called you here and this letter is also not written by me. He says it is late night, I will drop you home, and we will discuss this in the morning. She comes home and checks the letter. She matches Dhwani’s handwriting with the birthday card and gets shocked. Sudha calls Swara and asks if everything is fine. Swara signs yes. Dhwani thinks to pretend to sleep and will later make an excuse. She lies down on the bed and pretends to sleep. Swara wakes her up and shows the letter. Dhwani tells that Vedant asked her to write the letter, as his handwriting is bad and he was feeling shy. She says he wanted to meet you in the hotel. Swara tells that Vedant himself said that he didn’t write this letter. She takes Dhwani to Vedant’s house. Vedant comes out in the garden area. Swara signs at him at the letter and asks Dhwani to say. Dhwani asks why did you ask her to write the letter. Vedant thinks Dhwani has lied to Swara, but he has to took the blame. He says he called her there to talk to her, but he lied then, as so much happened and that guy tried to misbehave with you. He says I am sorry, Swara. Dhwani thinks he loves me so much, that he started taking my blames on him. Swara asks Vedant to apologize to Dhwani. Vedant apologizes to Dhwani and gets upset. Dhwani says its ok. She then gets angry on Swara for doubting on her and goes.

Vedant tells Abhi about whatever happened and tells that Swara stood infront of the gun to protect him and says she is different. Abhi says yes, she is, but how can Dhwani be so selfish. Vedant says he don’t know how to stop the engagement. Just then Abhi sees Dhwani asking on social media, asking people to vote with which weapon shall be punish herself for becoming selfish in love, showing the weapons, poison, sleeping pills, hunter. Vedant sees the video and gets shocked. He goes there. Dhwani sees him and tells that she got the vote, she will beat herself with hunter until the hunter breaks. She is about to hit her, when Vedant holds the hunter and disconnects her live connection. She says she wants to punish herself for doing wrong with Swara and says she did it due to her love for him. She acts to cry. Vedant asks her to come from there. Dhwani acts as she is very much pain, and tells that she will punish herself very much.

Precap: Vedant refuses to marry Swara infront of Rudra. Swara is very happy that she is getting engaged to Vedant.

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