Krishna Mohini 8th July 2024 Written Update

Krishna Mohini 8th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Krishna Mohini 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aryaman says I can never cheat you, I m telling the truth, I was with Mohini last night and I don’t know how it happened between us. Krishna is shocked. He says I remember, I was with you, I hugged you, you massaged my head, I don’t remember anything then, when I woke up in the morning, Mohini was in the room, she was crying, you trust me, right, I can never cheat you, you know me well, say something. She cries. He says fight with me, scold me. She pushes him and scolds him. She says its better that I die. She breaks a bottle. He asks her to stop. She says you have given me much pain, you can’t explain anything, you have snatched my reason to live, a wife can never tolerate this, why…. Its enough, I don’t want to listen to anything. She stabs herself. His imagination ends. Krishna says don’t say anything, I know you are punishing me for not coming to you, I couldn’t leave from home, your phone wasn’t reachable, I know you are angry, scold me, I was much worried last night, my heart was tense like something wrong is going to happen, I asked Anshuman to call Mr. Gupta, but Mr. Gupta said you didn’t open the door, I felt like I will lose you, you were sleeping. He asks her to listen. She says no, I can’t live without you, you know it, sorry to come this way, I was scared, shall we complete our love story today, we will stay here, I will inform the family and tell them. He says no need. She asks why are you angry, you don’t look right, what happened. He says I m fine, I have to go home, I have work. She says we will go home, why are you angry.

Mohini comes and says I came here to surprise him and I got surprised seeing you. Krishna says you were in some village, how did you come here. Mohini says you are asking me like I did wrong with you and Aryaman. Krishna says nothing like that. Mohini says I just saw Ketan and understood Aryaman is here, I m glad to see you two here, were you together at night. Krishna says no, I just came, you are like my sister. Mohini asks shall I come along. He says no. Krishna asks her to come with them. They go to the room.

Krishna gets an earring. Mohini worries. Krishna asks whose earring is this, it looks precious, I will return it at the reception. She asks Aryaman to get ready. She asks Mohini to come along. Mohini asks what will I do there. Krishna takes her. Receptionist says no, doctor stayed there in that room, there wasn’t any lady, room was cleaned well. Krishna says there was no one except my husband, maybe your staff dropped it in our room. Receptionist says yes, maybe. The other receptionist comes and asks Mohini about her stay. Mohini worries. Aryaman asks Sunil what did he add in the soup. Sunil says nothing. Aryaman beats him. Mohini says it was good, I m leaving now. The lady says this is Mohini’s earring.

Mohini says no. The lady says I had seen you wearing this earring. Sid looks on. Mohini asks Krishna not to listen to them. Krishna says we can fix the mistake. Sid worries. The lady says I had seen you. Mohini asks why would I leave it here, its expensive, a woman can never forget her jewellery. The lady apologizes. They hear Aryaman shouting. Krishna stops him. Sid says my plan will fail if this waiter says anything. Manager asks what happened. Sunil says I didn’t add anything in the soup. Krishna asks why do you think so, what happened. Aryaman says I have slept a lot after having the soup, my head is still heavy. Sunil says nothing, you can ask the manager. Manager says I have sent the soup for you and your team, Sunil is old employee, you are mistaken. Krishna asks what happened to you. Aryaman asks Ketan to get his belongings. Kundan says Krishna and Ketan left, they should understand what elders say. Srijala thinks did anything happen wrong. Aryaman, Krishna and Mohini come. Kundan scolds Krishna for not valuing his words. Krishna says sorry, Mohini met me at that resort. Srijala says it means Aryaman and Mohini were together at night. Dadi asks what nonsense. Mohini says I got to know it in morning that they are also here. Sid comes. Kundan asks from where are you coming. Sid says I was at Akash’s house. Srijala thinks why is he lying, what was he planning against Aryaman. Kundan asks Aryaman what happened to you. Krishna says he isn’t saying anything. Aryaman says I m tired, nothing else, I will go and rest. Krishna says I will get coffee for you. Srijala thinks to keep an eye on Mohini.

The episode ends

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