Suhagan Chudail 9th July 2024 Written Update

Suhagan Chudail 9th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Suhagan Chudail 9th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Nishi puts the blood under the moon. Birju makes her video. He says I will show everyone she is a witch. Vishter tells Nshi Mahaasur isn’t giving his sword for the sacrifice. She says why? Everything happened fine. I married Moksha. Moksh will be sacrificed today. Birju is shocked. He cries. He drops a vase. Nishi and Vishter see him.

Deya puts ganga jal in the room. Moksh comes there. He says after tolerating everything you still came here? She says I was just getting the room ready. Moksh says for my wedding night? Or is there another plan? She says why is your hand bleeding. He says it’s none of your business. You have hurt me so much. Just stay away from me. he says how much will you pretend? She says your name is written on my heart. Moksh falls on her. Moksh says I love Nishiganda. You are my childhood friend.

Nishi says where is Moksha? She looks around and sees Birju running. She throws a sword there. Moksh breaks everything and says you ruined everything and now you wanna set this room? He puts the bed on fire. He says this is the fire of hate I have for you. She says I did it all for our love. I’ll even give my life to save you. He breaks things in anger. She says fire can’t burn our love.

Rachna and everyone come there. Nishi says how did this fire happen? DEya did this to stop me but I won’t let that happen. Everyone tries to extinguish the fire. Nishi says Deya did this for sure. Moksh says I did it. Raghu asks Deya to get out. Birju says DEya stop. Chachi stops him. He shows Josna a video. Josna says there is nothing in it. he says she’s a witch. Nishi says you can call me chudail bhabhi. She says let’s go Moksha.

Scene 2
The ritual of finding the ring starts. The ring goes missing. Deya replaced it. Deya says we can do it from Nishi’s ring. Nishi says why do you interrupt everything? Deya says Pandit Ji said we have to do all the rituals together. Josna says we have to do the ritual with both of them. Moksh says but.. Josna says I know what I am doing. She says Nishi put your ring in this. Moksh says let’s get done with this. Nishi puts her ring in the water. Deya finds Nishi’s ring. Nishi takes it back and wears it. Moksh says congrats you won. Nishi takes her ring. Deya says in their heart I replaced the ring. Rachna says to Deya you go to the servant quarter. Deya says this is Nishi’s real ring and she has the fake one. She wears the rung. Her hand get out of her control. Deya says what is happening. It turns into fire. Deya gets scared. Deya falls somewhere. He sees black smoke everywhere. DEya runs.

Moksh comes close to Nishi. She says I did all the decor. he says isn’t it a bit dark? She says we don’t need the light between us. Let me get ready. My wait is wonderful. Nishi gets happy that she is finally going to get her last jewel. Moksh thinks about Deya. DEya runs from the smoke. She comes to the temple. The smoke goes away. Nishi says I will become the most powerful suhagan chudail today.

Episode ends

Precap: Deya makes Moksh drink intoxicated milk. She kidnaps him and takes him away. Nishi says Deya will have to die. Nishi realizes her ring is fake.

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