Lakshmi Narayan 9th July 2024 Written Update

Lakshmi Narayan 9th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Lakshmi Narayan 9th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Rishi tells Narayan and his men to leave, he starts leaving but smiles at Lakshmi before going away. Rishi blesses Lakshmi and says you will soon be married to Vasu. You are going to get revenge on Narayan. Aditi says Kavya will get her revenge soon.

Bhargavi stops Narayan from leaving and says I have to tell you something, he says its my good luck that you are talking to me, are you going to reciprocate my feelings? she says its okay if you love any being but how can you love Narayan? I hate him and I am going to get married Vasu so I can’t love anyone else. She leaves from there. He smiles at her. Narayan says I won’t let Rishi marry her off to anyone else.

Rishi is taking shagun to Vasu to formalize the wedding but a heavy snowstorm starts so his men say we should do it later on but he says I will do it today only. I won’t let Narayan win at any cost, I will marry my daughter and defeat Narayan. he keeps trying to walk in heavy snow but all others run away from there.

A priest tells Kavya that they had to leave Rishi alone as there is a heavy snowstorm. Kavya says I will go and check on him, Bhargavi says I will go with you.

Rishi gets stuck under the snow but says he is going to take shagun to Vase at any cost.

Narayan is leaving the town but some soldiers capture him thinking he is an outsider.

Devshi comes to Rishi who is stuck under the snow, he says you can’t go against Narayan like this, I am here to help you. He tries to get him out of the snow.

Narayan is brought to a king’s palace, he says I was captured wrongfully. The king says I heard you dance nicely so I want you to teach my daughter dancing. You will find her praying to Narayan, she is my daughter Padmavati. Narayan says I am just a commoner, I can’t teach her. The king says you can’t say no to me, you have to do it as I said so. He says I am just a commoner, I can’t go against a king, I will go and teach her. He thinks Devshi is there to help Rishi.

Devshi is trying to bring up Rishi from the snow but can’t, he says you have become heavy with all the hatred for Narayan. He says you can’t live like this, he leaves from there. Rishi says Narayan can’t stop me.

Narayan goes to Padmavati’s room and finds her praying to Narayan. She welcomes him. She says I can feel you are a great dancer, can you please teach me such a loyal dance that will impress Narayan, I just want to see him once and that will complete my life. I am his loyal follower. He says I can’t stop you from following your path, your loyalty is pure so you will find him but I can’t teach you, I have to go now. The soldier tries to stop him but he says you can’t stop me today.

The episode ends.

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