Tara From Satara 24th January 2020 Written Update

Tara From Satara 24th January 2020 Written Update by MA

Tara From Satara 24th January 2020 Written Episode

Tara reminisces Shatru and Srilekha’s conversation, Shahtru’s evil plan and Srilekha trying to stop him, etc.. After break, Amol announces that he has 3 envelopes of contestants who will be next contestants and who will be eliminated. MK opens first envelope and announces DJ is first contestant to go to finale. Aaji tells Arjun’s mother that both Arjun and Tara will go to finale and she will prepare puranpoli tomorrow. Srilekha opens next envelope and announces Divya as next contestant to go in fainale. Sachin heads towards airport. Driver switches on radio and hopes Tara wins as he likes her performance. Sachin gets emotoinal hearing that. Shatru opens envelope and announces Tara as next contestant to go in finale and unfortunately Arjun is eliminated. Car driver tells Sachin that he knew Tara would go to finale. Arjun journey till now is shown and everyone clap for him. Amol asks Tara to speak. Tara says she knows her each family member is excited to see her dancing, be with Varun kaka and Chinu kaki, Rahul who asks his friends to vote for her, maa who gets emotional seeing her on TV, but she misses her baba the most and realized his teaching of discipline and consistency during her competition, she wants her baba to be her teacher now. Everyone clap for her again.

Tara goes backstage. Radhika hugs and congratulates her. Amukh says Bappa/God was on her side today. Tara sees Arjun packing his bag sadly and thinks Arjun was dancing for his mother and she was dancing for her baba, she cannot see his sad face. She then informs Aaji about Shatru’s plan and is dual nature. Aaji says she shouldn’t have trusted Shatru and knew he cannot change. Shatru walks to Tara and says get ready finale. Tara warns him to stop his dirty game as she knows his plan, then realizes its her imagination. Shatru says she should practice well and win finale. Sachin’s Canada flight takes off. Aaji informs Tara that Sachin has gone to Canada as he got offer to open a Kathak dance school there and will return in 2 weeks after inspecting the place.

Arjun’s friends praise him that he performed really well and they are known in society as Arjun’s friends now. Arjun’s mother walks in and tells him that she knows he lost for Tara and she is proud of his decision. She continues emotional discussion. Arjun says Tara is fighting for her father and he supported her. Mother says she is really proud of him.

Precap: Sachin tells Tara that he is with her and will train her, whatever happens Tara Mane will be Dancer No 1.

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