Teri Meri Doriyaann 30th March 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 30th March 2023 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 30th March 2023 Written Episode

Seerat insists Garry to shift her to a better place. Garry gets Jasleen’s call and disconnects it saying its a spam call. Jasleen calls back again. Garry goes aside and picks her video call. Jasleen asks where is he. He says he is busy at work. Jasleen says she is his mother and knows he is neither at store nor at some work, so she wants to know where he is. Garry gets tensed and thinks how to tell mom that he is with Seerat. Seerat calls Garry. Jasleen asks who is that, is this a way he will defeat Angad. Garry disconnects her call. At Brar mansio, Gurleen walks towards Kartar/Keerat. Veer stops her and asks her to see children’s drawing. He tries to alert Keerat, but when she doesn’t understand fixes her mostache himself.

Prabjot asks Gurleen if its their store room itself, Sahiba changed it completely. Gurleen says Sahiba cleaned it herself. She asks Veer who is that job. Veer says he is from Sahiba’s area. Sahiba asks Veer if he will help her in singing prayers. Veer agrees and goes to bring his harmonium. Akaal asks Gurleen to call Angad. Gurleen walks to Angad and asks him to forget his bitterness for some time and visit Sahiba’s room on Aakal’s request. Angad says he will come in some time and sends her away. He calls his private detective and asks him to find out Seerat’s precise location. He hears Sahiba singing prayers, walks to her room, and sits besides her listening to her prayers. Seerat sings with closed eyes and bends in front of babaji’s photo. Angad also bends with her.

Aakal prays Babaji to bless them and get their hearts closer like they have come closer now. Sahibna tells Angad its good that he bent in front of Babaji without looking at a place. Angad tries to leave. Akaal asks where is he going. Angad says he came here on his request. Akaal says he doesn’t think so. Prince asks why is Angad Dev Maharaj and Angad paaji’s name same. Sahiba explains how Guru Nanak selected Angad Dev Maharaj as his second guru and Angad means a part of them. Prince says just like she is now part of Angad’s life. Sahiba looks at Angad.

Jasleen thinks she wants to know who that girl was with Garry and why he is wasting time with her. Garry gets angry on Seerat for interfere between his important call. Seerat asks what is wrong if he introduces her to his mother. Jasleen’s aide tells her that maybe Garry is in a serious relationship with that girl. Jasleen says Garry will marry a girl of his choice or else she will not spare Garry. Garry calms down Seerat with his sugar-coated talks and goes to bring her favorite Chinese food. Angad’s detective calls him and says his men found Seerat’s exact location and are keeping an eye on her. Angad asks him tow wait until he reaches there. Sahiba offers him prasad. He asks her to preserve it until he returns as he is going to meet a girl whose missing complaint she filed. Sahiba thinks if Angad finds Seerat, he will punish her.

Angad reaches a resort where Seerat is. Garry walks behind Angad. Seerat calls him and asks him to reach her before she counts 500. She starts counting. Angad reaches her room and thinks Seerat has to tell him whom she left him for. He rings bell. Seerat opens door.

Precap: Prabjot asks Akaal to gift something to Sahiba. Sahiba seeks permission to let her visit her parental house for paghphera ritual. Akaal says Angad has to accompany her for that ritual. Manveer says her son will not visit liars’ house. Angad says he will, Sahiba wished something for the first time, so he will fulfil her wish.

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