Pandya Stores 30th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Stores 30th March 2023 Written Update by Amena

Pandya Stores 30th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Gautam to apologize to Suman. She scolds him. Gautam sits crying and apologizes to Suman. Suman says I know you have a brother’s pain and also a father’s pain when your brothers get away from you, what about your family and me when you get drunk and get shallow within. Dhara holds her. She asks Gautam to promise, he will never break down to any situation and never touch alcohol again. Gautam promises Dhara. Suman says if you are done, then let Dhara come to me. Dhara says I won’t come, you are scolding me a lot these days. Suman asks why, I will beat you now. Dhara cries and hugs her. Suman says you always makes sacrifices, it takes a big heart to donate an organ to someone, I m proud of you, I know why you are doing this, you will tell me that you are doing this for my family. Dhara says yes, I have a big responsibility, all the kids are mine, I can give my life to save my kids. Dhara says don’t say that. They hug. Dhara says I will give the news to Rishita, she will come running. She gets number off. She says her number is switched off.

Natasha says I will not share the bed. Shesh argues and says its my bed. Mittu says its my dad’s house, I should get the bed. Chiku asks them to stop. Rishita comes and asks them to stop fighting. Shesh asks where will we sleep, Natasha is saying she will sleep alone. Natasha says I won’t share the bed. They argue. Rishita says Natasha, come and sleep in my room. Natasha says no. Rishita says there is a bigger bed, I will sing a lullaby, we will play with pink toys, come. They go. Shesh and kids miss their house. Krish says I didn’t think of leaving them, but I feel scared when I go there. Prerna says I know, problems aren’t ending. He says we will go back to Canada. She scolds him. She says Dhara fights the problems alone, we can share her problems, its our responsibility. He says sorry. She asks him to get fruits. He goes. Dhara checks the reports. Gautam gets the food and feeds it to her. He says you are donating your kidney, if there is any complication. She says nothing will happen to me, everything will be fine, I m happy that my kidney is matching with Natasha, it’s a big thing for me. They smile. Shivank asks Shweta to have patience, Krish isn’t at home. He sees Krish and goes to him. He jumps and collides with Prerna. He gets Prerna in his arms. He smiles. She says sorry, are you alright. He asks from where are you. She says Canada.

He says I m Shivank, and you. She says Prerna. He doesn’t leave her. She calls out Krish. Krish goes and asks what happened, is everything fine. She says yes, I accidentally bumped into this boy. She says Krish is my fiancé. Shivank says thank God, I got to know this, where were you, I was finding you. Krish asks why, I didn’t recognize you. Shivank says I m Prafulla’s son Shivank. They hug and jump. Krish says you have changed a lot. Shivank says I have to talk something imp, come with me. Prerna asks what do you want to talk to him, Shivank Bhaiya. Shivank says no Bhaiya, call me Shivank. She says okay, Krish and I share everything, he doesn’t hide anything, you can talk here only. Shivank says I have to talk to him don’t mind. Krish asks what’s the matter. Shivank gives the letter and says a little kid came to me and gave this letter for you. Krish gets Shweta’s letter. Krish is shocked.

Gautam praises Dhara’s sacrifice. She says I will always be a shield for this family, I love you. He says I can’t love you as much as you love me. Shivank says your ex wife did many things. Krish says its her better. Shivank says I hope you weren’t in touch with her. Krish says she was an eclipse in my life, we will soon get divorced. Shivank says you got a fiancée before divorce. Krish says tear the letter if anyone gives it to you again. Prerna reads the letter and gets upset. Shivank thinks Krish is trapped with Shweta and Dhara is trapped with me.

Gautam asks why did you need money. Dhara says Shivank came to get the money. She tells Suman about Shivank. Doctor calls Rishita and says your daughter got a donor. She asks who is it.

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