Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th July 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th July 2024 Written Episode

Angad watches Gurnoor standing on road via balcony. Garry asks Angad to call him if he needs anything and tells Veer that they shall leave Angad alone. Veer says they shouldn’t leave Angad alone as a person does mistakes in such situation. Angad asks Veer to go. Gurnoor seeks lift from a passing by car. Zoravar’s aides get out of car and kidnap her. Angad notices that and follows car. Veer and Garry follow Angad. Angad thinks who kidnapped Ms Gurnoor. Veer tells Garry that he is worried for Angad and hopes he forgets Gurnoor’s betrayal soon. Garry somes who betrayed than how they betrayed matters.

Aides take Gurnoor to Zoravar. Gurnoor panics seeing Zoravar and thinks she can’t get caught in his trap again. Zoravar catches her and says he needs to talk a lot to her. Gurnoor frees herself and says she will not return to that hell. Zoravar asks if she will disobey her husband. Gurnoor continues to resist and says she is not the old Gurnoor now. Zoravar says he is same Zoravar Singh Maan and nobody will stop her. Angad reaches there and hearing Zoravar thinks he is Gurnoor’s husband Zoravar Singh Maan.

Zoravar continues to force Gurnoor. Angad interferes and stops Zoravar. Zoravar warns him to go away as it’s his not his matter, he is taking his wife away. Angad warns him to leave Ms Gurnoor and beats Zoravar’s aide. Zoravar continues to warn Angad to go away, but Angad doesn’t agree. Angad recalls Diljeet dragging Sahiba away and warns Zoravar to leave Sahiba. Zoravar says she is Gurnoor. Angad warns him again. Another aide attacks Angad. Angad beats him. Zoravar warns him that he will destroy his life. Angad doesn’t listen and takes Gurnoor away with Garry and Veer. Beeja asks Zoravar to stop them as they have an army which can settle Angad’s scores in 2 minutes. Zoravar says he wants an equal enemy, now he will destroy Angad’s life so much that he will be in shock forever.

Angad asks Gurnoor to accompany him home. Gurnoor says he himself kicked her out of his house and already told that she can’t be like Sahiba. Angad says she can’t be like Sahiba, but he doesn’t want her to be like Gurnoor Zoravar wants her to be. Gurnoor expresses her dilemma and describes why she didn’t want Angad and his family to get into trouble because of her. Justification ensues. Angad gives verdict that she will be returning to his house.

Precap: Sahiba runs around the house. Angad walks behind her. Gurnoor says she wants to tell him something which she never told to anyone. Zoravar speaks and says even he wants to listen from her, gudiya. Gurnoor gets tensed seeing him.

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