Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 6th July 2024 Written Update

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 6th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 6th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sachi lying to Sajeeri. She recalls taking the paper from Sajeeri’s hand. Shivam thanks Sachi. Sachi asks Sajeeri to make coffee for her. Shivam asks Sajeeri to get his phone charger. Sajeeri goes. He works and doesn’t see Sachi. Sachi falls. Sajeeri holds her. Sachi says thanks Shivam for saving me. She sees Sajeeri. Sajeeri asks are you fine.

She asks do you like milk coffee or black coffee. Sachi says thanks for holding me. Shivam says I will go to the room and work. Sachi thinks I know you love me, I will remind you your love. Its morning, Sajeeri makes a cake for Sachi. She says its Sachi’s birthday. Sachi comes. Sajeeri wishes and hugs her. Nalini smiles. Aaji asks Shivam to get a gift for Sachi, its her birthday, they will celebrate and throw a party. Sajeeri says I m making a cake, no need to do all this. Aaji says Sachi is away from her home, she will like it, she should feel at home. Sajeeri says really, we will celebrate her birthday. She asks Shivam to get the gift. Aaji says Sachi has different class, she will like it, status is same. Sajeeri says yes, she is right. He says fine.

Sachi says you didn’t wish me. He wishes her and goes. Shivam takes Sajeeri’s saree by mistake. She jokes and laughs. He says its your mistake, why should I get a gift for your friend’s birthday. Sajeeri says we should make her birthday special. He asks why are you making cake, we will order it online, I don’t want you to spend much time in kitchen, fine, I will get the gift.
He stumbles. She holds him. Sachi looks on and drops a vase in anger. She gets hurt. Sajeeri rushes to her. Sachi thinks Shivam and I should be together, he was right. Sajeeri takes care of her. Shivam says this is the gift for your guest. Aaji asks him to give it to Sachi. Sachi thanks him. He says its from Aaji’s side. He goes. Aaji says have patience, its time to impress him, get decked up that he just sees you. Sachi says sure. Shivam goes to the room and talks to Sajeeri. She says I will get tea. He says I got something for you. He gives her a gift. She sees the saree and likes it. She asks is this for me. He says no, its for Mr. Shah’s wife. She asks is it her birthday also. He says I got it for you, you are my wife, I will get it for you, I never gifted you anything till now.

He asks her to close eyes and gives her hair bands. She sees it. He says I thought to get matching rubber bands, you will like it. She hugs him and says thanks a lot, it’s the best gift of my life. Nalini comes. Shivam says good, girls want precious gifts, you are happy with saree and rubber band. Sajeeri says this is your love, so I m very happy. He asks her to wear it in the evening. She says sure. Nalini teases them. He gets shy and goes to make a call. Nalini says I will get matching jewellery. Shivam sees Sajeeri hugging the gift. Sachi says dress is normal, but its special because Shivam got it, he loves me. She hears Nalini talking to Priya. She gets angry. Nalini says Shivam got a saree for Sajeeri, I wish their love increases. Sachi burns the dress. She shows it to Sajeeri and acts. Sajeeri says we will go and get new clothes. Sachi says no, we will get late, I think this saree is new, I will wear it. Sajeeri asks her to listen. Sachi goes. Sajeeri says she never listens to me. Sachi smiles. She gets ready and comes. Shivam sees her wearing the saree.

Aaji asks saree? Sachi says the dress got burnt by mistake. Shivam is shocked seeing Sachi. Sachi says I m sorry, you got this saree for Sajeeri but I have worn it.

Sachi stops Shivam and accepts her mistake of rejecting him. Sajeeri comes and looks on.

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