Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th July 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th July 2024 Written Episode

Gurnoor walks to Angad’s room and tells him that her result is out and she is unable to check in on her mobile. Angad opens his laptop. Gurnoor says she will check her result first, what if she is not selected. Angad says it’s impossible and opens website for her. Gurnoor jumps in happiness seeing her selection and hugs Angad. She then get conscious and part ways. Akeer walks in and says mamma used to say that there is a magic in a hug. Angad tells Gurnoor that she should prepare well to attend college and tells Akeer that his Gurnoor miss will attend college. Akeer says Gurnoor is a teacher. Angad says there is a lot to study, Gurnoor will learm music on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Akeer will be with him for 2 days. Akeer says Gurnoor is like his mamma.

Zoravar angrily breaks a glass. Beeja shows her concern for him and asks if he is hurt. Zoravar says he is hurt in the hurt because of Angad. Beeja says Angad’s strength is his 2 brother, they shall either separate them or make them fight with each other. Zoravar asks how will she do that. Beeja says via Jasleen who is an unsatisfied and cribbing woman, she will use her to make her son Garry fight with Angad.

Angad informs Gurnoor that he has paid her fees. Gurnoor thanks him an dattends her first day of music school. Teacher introduces Zoravar as the owner of school. Zoravar introduces himself and says he wants to individually interact with each student and asks teacher send each student one by one. Gurnoor gets tensed seeing him. Zoravar calls Gurnoor next. Gurnoor walks into his cabin shivering. Zoravar tells her that he already told her that her music is only for him and he will be present wherever she goes. He tries to close his cabin door when Angad enters and warns him that he will not let him harm Ms Kaur. Gurnoor hides behind Angad. Zoravar asks Angad if he is obsessed with Gurnoor as she looks like his wife. Angad says Gurnoor has her own identity and he respect it, he will protect her from Zoravar and will pick up and drop her to school evey day, he will send the owner to jail if he tries to trouble Ms Gurnoor. Zoravar stands fuming while Angad takes her away.

Back home, Gurnoor returns Angad’s fees paid to school and says Akeer is not just her student, she is emotionally connected to him and she can’t take money to take care of Akeer. Angad says he felt good hearing this, but she shall keep the cheque. Gurnoor says already he did so much for her, she can’t keep the cheque. Angad says it’s unprofessional. Gurnoor says whatever he is doing is also unprofessional. Angad says she can call him Angad and consider him as her friend. Gurnoor says she is his only friend. Garry, Veer, and Keerat watch them from a distance. Gurnoor calls him Angad and says she will call him Angad while they are alone and Mr Brar in front of everyone. They all 3 join them and pull their legs.

Angad then suggests Gurnoor that she shall take divorce from monster Zoravar. Gurnoor says she never thought that she can get out of Zoravar’s grip and wants to know about the divorce procedure. Keerat says Garry is expert in it. Garry calls his lawyer. Lawyer listens to Gurnoor and says it’s a complicated case, Zoravar will not easily agree for divorce, but he will get it somehow. Gurnoor asks if she has to meet Zoravar. Lawyer says yes, even judge may counsel them both, asks if she has any evidence against Zoravar. Gurnoor says no. Lawyer says then she may have to meet Zoravar once and convince him for a divorce. Gurnoor gets afraid. Angad insists he to meet Zoravar and threaten him to file a harassment case against him, he will surely agree for a divorce.

Precap: Sahiba runs around the house. Angad walks behind her. Gurnoor says she wants to tell him something which she never told to anyone. Zoravar speaks and says even he wants to listen from her, gudiya. Gurnoor gets tensed seeing him..

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