Maati Se Bandhi Dor 9th July 2024 Written Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 9th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranvijay coming to Jaya. She apologizes and hugs him. He says we shouldn’t live in past, I want to give you happiness. He proposes her for marriage. Vaiju looks on. Jaya nods. Ranvijay hugs her. They say I love you. Vaiju cries and leaves. Ranvijay gets Jaya to the family. They take blessings and wishes from the family. Vaiju says I m very happy for you, Congrats, Jaya and Ranvijay, you both will stay very happy together. Vasundara says I will call the pandit and we will get the first good mahurat. Vaiju thanks her. She asks Vasundara to take care of Jaya. She says Jaya, I have to go now. Jaya says you can’t leave me and go. Vaiju says I m just a call away. Jaya says don’t go, please. Vaiju cries and leaves. Ranvijay holds Jaya.

Jaya cries a lot. Ranvijay stops Vaiju. Vasundara says we all want you to stay back till the marriage. Vaiju runs and hugs Jaya. Vasundara makes a Rangoli in the morning. She calls Vaiju and Ranvijay. She asks them to fill colours in it. They refuse. She says it’s a rasam that two family’s members make the Rangoli and show their union, you both have fights but you are connected by one string. They recall their marriage. She says by Jaya, just do this for her sake. She asks them to sort their differences. She goes. Ranvijay says I m scared of lying to Jaya, what will happen when she learns the truth. Vaiju says I promised you, I don’t tell anyone, that marriage doesn’t matter to me, we have no relation, forget it. They fill colors in the Rangoli. He says a person can’t run away from past, fate is playing a game with me, truth will come out. He puts the colours down. The red colour falls on her face and hair. They get shocked seeing this. He goes. She cleans the colour. Everyone gets busy in marriage arrangements. They select the wedding card. Vasundara says we will write some poetry for Ranvijay and Jaya, the best poetry will get printed on the card. They like the idea.

Vaiju talks to Aaji on call. Aaji asks is everything fine between Ranvijay and you. Vaiju cries and says yes. She sees Ranvijay with Jaya. She lies to Aaji. She goes out and sees everyone writing poetry. She asks is there any exam. Vasundara says we are writing a poetry about relations, true love and togetherness. She asks Vaiju to write a poetry. Vasundara says you write whatever you feel about true love. Vaiju writes a poetry. Ranvijay gets Jaya. Vasundara asks them to read the poetry and print the best one on the wedding card. He likes the idea and reads everyone’s poetry.

He says Aai’s poetry is the best. Rao Sahab says its cheating, you will always like your mum’s poetry. Ranvijay says one more is left, last one. He reads the poetry on love. He sees Vaiju and asks who wrote it. Jaya says Vaiju wrote it. Vasundara says so its decided, Vaiju’s poetry will get printed on your card.

Ranvijay and Jaya come for their engagement. Vaiju gets sad. Hamari adhuri kahani…. Plays… The ring falls and goes to Vaiju. Vaiju picks it. He makes Jaya wear the ring.

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