Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st July 2021 Written Update

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st July 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st July 2021 Written Episode

Scene 1
Chanda says I have offered to Mahi. Let’s see what she says. Pappu says let’s see who wins. Chanda says no matter what she does now, Jogi and Mahi will be destroyed. Jogi sings with Guru ji. Mahi says I have seeing you working hard for so many times. I can’t stop this. If I speak about Arjun, he might stop singing. Who will give you a chance? She recalls what Chanda said.

Mahi gives lassi to guru ji. He says Jogi wants to riyaz at night too. Mahi says he’s into something for the first time. You taught him. guru ji says most people are machines. Jogi isn’t introduced. I have done what I could. I can’t teach him more. Mahi says I want to talk about Jogi. He says no.. I can’t help him anymore. I can’t get him any chances. He has to make his way on his own. You both have to go ahead on your own. Mahi smiles.

Scene 2
Mahi gives food to everyone. Rupa says if Guru ji is going then can we start the normal life? Is our struggle going on? Jogi says I have to get rid of this struggle by learning to sing. Rupa says there must be something special about him that you wanna learn more. Jogi says when he’s around it feels like dad is around. I feel protected. I was a kid I couldn’t fly a kite. He would hold my hand and fly it for me. With Guru ji it feels the same. I don’t have to worry about anything. Rupa is shocked. Mahi says bebe left the food? Biji says everyone can’t be happy. I will handle Rupa don’t worry.

Jogi gets ready for riyaz after delivering milk too. Mahi says you haven’t slept again? He says don’t make fun of me. I saw a dream. I became a superstar. I saw that dream in the morning. I will become a superstar. Mahi kisses his head. He says I can’t do it without you. Mahi recalls what Chanda said. Jogi says you will miss me when you go to deliver milk. Mahi says biji is going with me. You do your riyaz. Mahi says should I ask Jogi to talk to Arjun? What if he steps back? Mahi leaves with Biji.

Mahi says to Biji what are you doing? She says choosing saree. Biji says you have enlightened Jogi’s life. He’s working so hard for the first time. You are a laxmi. Guru ji said Jogi is special. Will he become a superstar? Mahi nods. Biji says then I will get this sare. Mahi hugs her. Mahi says I will make him succeed. Mahi wonders how will she do it.

Scene 3
Guru ji says you area ready to face the world. My work is done. Jogi says I will keep coming to you. I can never return your favor. He says no it was your talent. I polished it. I wish you came to me as a child. Jogi says I didn’t even know a few days back what I wanted to be. Mahi came to my life and made me realize what I want to be. Guru ji says what do you want to be? He recalls how the judges insulted him.

Seema and Renu come. Jogi says Mahi I want to answer Guru ji’s question in front of everyone. Jogi says Bebe Biji, Guru ji asked me what do I want to be? I have decided what do I want to do. The truth is I want to become a singer. Everyone is shocked. A professional singer. I will give it my best. I will work very hard. Everyone claps. He touches Guru ji’s feet. Guru ji says there will be a new star in this world. But I have a request. He says order me. Guru ji says don’t lose the pure and innocent Jogi inside you after becoming the star.

Episode ends.

Precap-Guru ji gives a producer’s number to Mahi. He says tell him I gave you his number. He will help you for sure. Mahi meets the producer. He says Arjun runs this industry. Nothing can be done without him. Mahi and chanda plan a jagrata. Chanda says Arjun will also come there and meet Jogi. Jogi hears his name and says Arjun?

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