Titli 16th September 2023 Written Update

Titli 16th September 2023 Written Update by Amena

Titli 16th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Titli trying to convince Garv. She says I don’t want to regret, everyone has paid a price because of your anger. She tells him the instances. He says you mean I m mentally unstable, I m ill and need treatment, right. She says no. He says I thought you are understanding me and not blaming me, you wanted to convince me. They argue. Manikant thinks of that guy. Maina says you were not at office, I had called there. He says you are spying on me. She says I was calling you, we have to get Ganpati idol. He asks can’t you do this work. He goes. Megha asks Titli to just do as she told her. Titli says no, there can be a problem. Megha says men complicate things, I m a therapist, I know their mindset. Titli says I can’t lie to Garv, we have to find another way. Megha says there is no other way. Titli says no, I will convince him. She thinks can I do it. Megha says no, you can’t do anything without my help.

Alpa says fine, you want a party, bill is on me. She ends the call. She asks Maina to give her credit card. Maina asks why. Alpa asks won’t you give, fine, go. Alpa plays the recording. Maina is shocked. She asks did you like it, I couldn’t see this face till now, amazing, you are Garv’s real mom, sorry, you took the blame on yourself, if anyone else got to know this then…. She blackmails Maina. Maina gives the credit card. Alpa thanks her.

Garv works out. He recalls Titli’s words. Titli asks won’t you talk to me. He goes. Koel looks on and thinks something happened. Dhara asks didn’t Garv agree. Titli signs no. Dhara says don’t worry, he will agree. Koel asks did you fight with him again, why is he upset. Titli says office stress. Koel says don’t lie, I can see he is upset. She explains Titli.

Titli thinks I will do whatever it takes, Koel showed me the way. She hugs Koel and cries. Koel says leave me. Titli says you are very cute. Koel says I know. Garv gets ready for office. Titli thinks I will see till when he doesn’t talk to me. She teases him. He says tell me where is my blazer, I m getting late for office. She says fine, talk to me first. He says I will go to office without blazer. She says sorry, take it. Koel takes the tiffin and says I have made everything ready. The box falls and breaks. Garv gets angry and scolds her. Maina and Manikant look on.

Manikant taunts Koel. Garv goes. Titli thinks he spoke to Koel like this for the first time, he will lose everything. Koel says he never spoke to me like this. Maina says its your mistake, why do you do such work. Titli says Garv spoke to her badly. Maina says a wife should send husband out with a good mood. Titli argues with her. She says it’s a man’s duty to respect a woman, when she respects him, is it right to get angry on a little thing, its not Koel’s mistake, its Garv’s mistake. Koel says enough, Maina is very wrong, I m wrong, its my mistake. They go. Garv recalls Koel and says what’s wrong with me. Titli and Dhara put up a funny act and dance on Pyaar hua… They cheer up Koel. Manikant comes. Koel also dances with them. She collides with Manikant. Maina comes and looks on. She thinks now Manikant will scold them. Dhara says sorry, Badimaa’s mood was upset. Manikant smiles and goes. Koel smiles. Dhara says he didn’t get angry, he smiled. Koel says I saw his smile after a long time. Titli says you are the reason for this smile. Koel says he smiled because of me. Maina gets angry and goes. Titli says we should be kiddish sometimes. Koel says we will go and cook food. Titli gets a paper fallen there. Manikant comes and takes it. He thinks thank God, I took the form because she saw this, else it would have been a big problem.

Manikant scolds Titli. Titli says anger is not less than any illness. Dhara says Titli is not wrong, Garv is wrong, he had raised hand on Titli.

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