Udaariyaan 11th May 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 11th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 11th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nehmat saying Jasmin blackmailed me and said she will get you jailed for Advait’s murder, she asked me to leave you in mandap. Ekam hugs her and asks didn’t you trust me. She says I trusted you, but I had to agree to Jasmin. He says even if I die, my funeral will have your name written on it. She says don’t say this. He says I m dying every day without you, you and I aren’t separated, we are one. He hugs her and cries. She says I had no option. Ekam asks where did you meet Sartaj. She says it’s a long story, you won’t believe it, promise me, you won’t say its filmi. She turns and doesn’t see Ekam. She thinks it was my dream. She says I won’t hide anything today. She goes to Ekam. Sartaj stops her and says we have to add colours to this mehendi function, come.

They dance on Apni toh jaise taise….. Nehmat gets dizzy. Naaz recalls how she spiked the drink and thinks it will be fun. Nehmat holds her head and shouts, stop the music. She falls down and laughs. She says I will tell everything today, I won’t keep anything in heart, everyone is asking me since I came here. Sartaj sits smiling.

Naaz thinks she will tell everything today. Nehmat says I wanted to keep everyone happy, since I came out, everyone is asking me why did I came back, they taunted me, I will tell now, I m free now. She dances. Cherry says you were free already, so you had run away. Nehmat says I didn’t run away, I was forced to run away. Sartaj and Naaz smile. Nehmat says I was my dad’s fairy, mum’s doll and Nanu’s bird, I didn’t do anything wrong. Swaroop asks how much wrong will you do. Nehmat says don’t say this, did I do anything wrong. Rupy signs no. She says you know who does all these things, shall I tell you, Naaz does all this. She asks Naaz to stay as sister, not Saas, Naaz has become Saas to trouble Harleen. Naaz asks what are you doing. Nehmat says I will cut your nose today, I will tell everything what she did. Naaz asks did you go mad. Nehmat says yes, my lovely sister. She holds Harleen and says Harleen is my lovely sister, I love her a lot, she also loved me, now she hates me, she scolds me. Rupy says listen to me. Nehmat hugs him and says you are the world’s best Nanu, I will tell everything, because Sartaj told me not to keep anything in heart. Swaroop asks her to say it.

Nehmat says Rupy asks me to stay back, but Harleen asks me to leave, what shall I do, where shall I go, shall I leave Moga or the world. She stumbles. Ekam holds her. Udaariyaan…plays…

Nehmat says I m bad to hurt Ekam, he got the world’s best girl, Harleen, she cares for you, she is really nice, but I m bad. She sits crying. Ekam asks her to stop it and go home. She says let me say, let me lighten my heart. He says you are drunk, you aren’t in your senses. She says I have come in senses today, I m happy, Ekam why don’t you remove the tattoo, Jasmin will get angry again, Jasmin is great, she has troubled me a lot. Jasmin asks her to have the lemonade. Nehmat gets angry.

She throws the glass and says I don’t want to drink. She says Jasmin isn’t anyone’s sister, daughter or bahu, she is everyone’s Nani, I don’t like her, I will call police, Jasmin will go in the jail. Nehmat stands on the table. Sartaj says say everything that’s in your heart. Jasmin sees the glass pieces fallen there. She shakes the table and makes Nehmat fall. Ekam shouts Nehmat.

Sartaj holds Nehmat in arms. Someone asks what happened to Nehmat. Sartaj leaves. Ekam looks on.

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