Udaariyaan 20th May 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 20th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 20th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nehmat and Ekam getting stuck inside the cold storage. She says what will Harleen think if she knows about us. He says even Sartaj might think wrong. She asks him to stop nonsense. She feels cold. He covers her with his jacket. Naaz is at home. She says I had gone to lock Ekam and Nehmat. Nehmat refuses to take his jacket. He taunts on her attitude. He asks her to wear the jacket and show attitude later. Harleen says we should have not gone outside by leaving Ekam and Nehmat here. Sartaj says its no use to regret, did the old love story started again, did the love birds fly away. She asks do you think before saying anything or not. He says the truth is, they aren’t here. She says I m going to find them. Ekam shouts for help. Nehmat says we have to wait. He says if we stay here for some more time, then we will die. She asks are you fine. He says yes, can’t we forget our issues for some time, we become old Nehmat and Ekam. He rubs her hands. She says its wrong, how can we become old Nehmat and Ekam. He asks why shall we think about right and wrong today, the life looks short, its like a dream, which we couldn’t complete, tell me, can’t we do this. Cherry is on call. Naaz asks where are you going. Cherry says shopping. Naaz says make a cup of coffee for me and get it, without sugar. Cherry goes angrily. Naaz says how long can a person stay alive in cold storage, I have to give a shock to Harleen.

Harleen asks people about Ekam. The people say no. She blames Sartaj. Harleen asks why did you get them here, I told you Ekam gets restless seeing her. Sartaj says my innocent fiancée is stuck with your psycho husband. She says he is not psycho, he is very nice. He says he got a chance and he took away Nehmat, decide how is he. She gets angry. Ekam and Nehmat feel cold. She says the story which is going to end, we will give it an ending of our choice. Ekam says which doesn’t have any guilt or pain. She says which just gives love. He says we will complete our love story, you are so happy, look at you.

They hold hands. She says I feel the same seeing you. They sit shivering. Tum mile… plays… Sartaj says maybe love birds went to Nanu and Nani. Harleen calls Satti and asks her. She says Sartaj will drop us home, don’t worry. Nehmat gets fainting. Ekam sees the plastic sheets and covers her. udaariyaan…plays… He thinks to distract her. He talks of childhood and says we will play.

Cherry gets coffee for Naaz and asks do you want something else. Naaz signs her to go. Harleen calls Cherry and asks did Nehmat and Ekam reach home. Cherry says you all went for lunch, right. Naaz asks did Ekam run away with Nehmat. Sartaj says just answer what is asked, did they come home. She says no. He says matter is complicated, they didn’t come back, did anyone kidnap them. Ekam lies on the ground. Nehmat says open your eyes, don’t sleep. Naaz comes there and argues with Sartaj and Harleen. Nehmat says if anything happens to me, then tell Nanu and Nani to forgive me, tell Sartaj also. Ekam says you can’t run away from here. Naaz says check the entire restaurant. Balbeer says a girl and ASP are missing, hurry up. Naaz asks the manager to open the cold storage. She says now it will be fun. They enter to check and see Nehmat and Ekam.

They call out Nehmat and Ekam. Harleen warns Naaz. Naaz takes a rolling pin to hurt her.

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