Udaariyaan 6th February 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 6th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udaariyaan 6th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Armaan saying Aasma, I married Alia just for Raja’s baby. Sukhi and Baby argue. Ekam comes and asks Alia why did you do this. Baby says you are asking her to leave her husband for someone else. He says you can’t do this. Aasma packs her bag. She sees Alia’s clothes in her cupboard. She cries. Alia says you want me to accept Aasma and Armaan, Aasma had signed divorce papers before going. Ekam raises hand. Rano stops him. She says we should think what to do, Armaan can’t step back, he has to give his name to Raja’s baby. Aasma says she is right. She comes with her bag.

She says Armaan has to keep his responsibility, I will not come between his duty. She goes with Ekam. Sukhi stops Armaan and says let it happen. Ekam says wait here, I will get the car. Alia comes and says good decision, Aasma. Aasma slaps her. Alia asks how dare you. She raises hand. Aasma holds her hand and scolds her. She says I will tell everyone the truth. Alia says this time and Armaan are mine. Aasma says his heart will always be mine, he doesn’t love you. They argue. Aasma says I won’t let you do wrong with them. Armaan says I love Aasma, I won’t let her go anywhere. He runs and stops Aasma. He says you won’t go anywhere, we can’t get separated like this, I will come with you. Sukhi says we will go inside and talk. Armaan says no, I won’t go without her. Aasma says don’t create a scene. Alia says don’t lie Armaan, no one forced you, I asked you think again, you said I m your responsibility. Armaan says yes, I had said that, I didn’t know Aasma is alive or not, you know I love Aasma, not you.

He says you can’t force me when Aasma has come back. Alia asks am I forcing you, does someone worry for this baby or not. She cries and says this baby won’t come in this world, I will die. She runs to her room. Baby says stop her, else the baby will also die. They all run and ask Alia to open the door. Baby drags Aasma and scolds her. Aasma says I won’t hear anything wrong. Rano comes and begs her to save Alia, save Raja’s baby. Aasma says don’t do this. Baby says if Alia dies, then Raja’s baby will also die. Armaan asks Alia to listen to him. Baby says Aasma won’t melt. Rano cries and goes to the temple. She says I can’t see Raja getting away again. Alia wears the rope noose to hang to the fan. Rano burns her dupatta. Aasma runs to save her. Rano says leave me, I want to die. Armaan says we have to break the door. Alia hangs. Rano cries aloud. Aasma says I will do whatever you say, listen to me. Armaan goes inside and catches Alia. Ekam gets Alia down. He feeds her water. Armaan runs to Aasma.

Inspector gets a call. She asks what, Begum Shahnaz is coming here. Shahnaz sees Murtazan’s pic and cries. Shahnaz gets angry and crosses the border. Armaan asks why did you say yes from my side. Aasma says we can’t stay happy by hurting the family, just agree for my sake. Armaan asks didn’t you think of me. Sukhi says enough, she did what was right, we will do the Chunni rasam tomorrow. Baby says we will do this in front of everyone. Sukhi says we have lost our name, you will give Alia your wife’s place and end this drama, you have to take this responsibility for Raja’s sake. Alia looks on. Armaan agrees. Alia smiles. Armaan says I accept Aasma’s decision, I will take Alia’s responsibility, but I have a condition, I will be Alia’s husband for the world, not in this house. Alia looks on shocked. Armaan says I will give love to her baby, I won’t do a husband’s duty, only Aasma will have my wife’s right, Aasma will stay here like before, you have to return me my love if you want to keep this rasam tomorrow. Everyone looks on.

Precap: Shehnaz asks Aasma to help her find her son and grandson. Armaan says to Aasma that, she has to help him get ready to marry as a punishment for letting him go willingly.

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