Suhaagan 6th February 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 6th February 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 6th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krish telling his family that he will prove that Payal is not with him for his wealth or property and tells that he doesn’t need anything. He gives his wallet, bracelet, watch etc in Bindiya’s hands. Payal thinks she had rolled many papads to become rich, but he has made her poor. Indu asks Krish what is he doing, is he leaving house for Payal? He says no and tells that he has decided to live in the outhouse with Payal. Sakshi says Servants stay there. Krish says even they are humans, when they can stay then why can’t we. He tells Bindiya that she called Payal greedy and that’s why he wants to prove that Payal loves just him and wants his love and support. He says all the luxuries don’t matter to her, she just wants his love and support. He says he will earn money and will take care of Payal. Payal thinks it was better to take jal Samadhi, rather than this. Indu says it is not practical decision. Bindiya says you can’t get sleep without your pillow. Krish says what is important to me is Payal’s self respect. Indu asks Baldev to stop Krish. Baldev says let him go and tells that he will understand what is love and what struggles means in life. Payal thinks Indu was stopping Krish, but what an old man did, he has cut our ticket. Krish thanks Baldev for supporting his decision. He says he has given everything to Bindiya and Payal has sacrificed her everything already. Sakshi asks Vikram to ask about Mummy’s nau lakha haar. Krish asks Payal to come. Payal blames Bindiya for calling her greedy and says Krish didn’t see poverty like us, and tells that where is your sympathy and duty now. Bindiya says she is feeling proud of his decision, he will become independent. Amma tells that she wants Krish to become famous as Krishna Shukla like Baldev made his name famous.

Indu gets Servants and Bindiya renovate the outhouse as per Krish’s choice. Bindiya says krishna ji will not like it. Indu scolds her and tells that Krish is Raja babu. Krish comes there and asks what is all this? Indu says it is your need stuff. Krish says he will live without the luxuries. Indu says you can’t live without the luxuries. He says first you called me greedy and now doing this. Indu says nobody called you greedy. He says but told Payal. He scolds Servants from bringing punching bag, video games etc. Indu says you was brought up in luxuries. He says he can live without the luxuries, but can’t live with the accusation. He asks Sakshi to take Mummy from there and get all these stuff taken off from there. Sakshi says ok.

Indu cries seeing Krish keeping the plastic mat on the floor. She asks him to rethink. He says I have thought. Later Bindiya cries and tells Amma that Krishna ji came in Payal’s control again and has to face problems. Amma tells that Payal will break surely. Bindiya recalls childhood incident and tells that Payal will be exposed, but Krish will suffer. Payal talks to Trupti and tells that she had shifted many times than staying here. Trupti asks her to give the money as the people whom they had hired are like goons type and will come home for recovery. Payal asks her to give 1 day’s time. Bindiya sees her sitting on the sofa. Payal realizes and sits on the floor immediately. Bindiya confronts her for Krish’s swear. Payal asks her not to lecture her. Bindiya says she knows that she hates poverty and acts as Payal’s jogan avatar and her words. She says this new act of jogan was really nice and asks her to go and says mat is waiting for you. Payal says Krish is waiting for me. She asks her to think increasing her level, and asks her to think what will happen when they are together. She tries to make Bindiya jealous and tells that they will be on the same mat and blanket. Bindiya is shocked. Payal asks her to let her go. She goes.

Episode ends.

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