Udaariyaan 9th July 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 9th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Udaariyaan 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with People starts gossiping that Meher has eloped and Haniya and Sarab have an affair. The lady says Meher likes to do drama, and has insulted the groom’s family. Munni asks Sarab and Haniya, what did they do that Meher eloped? Sarab asks what you are saying? Munni says she will not bear her insult and asks Sarab to tell the truth. She asks Aasma, what did she eat and gave birth to such a daughter. Sarab says there is nothing like that, Meher had a misunderstanding, which I had cleared. He says there is nothing between Haniya and me. Munni says this baraat can’t return like this, then your sisters and Leo will not get married. She says we can’t show our faces to anyone, Meher left, Haniya’s marriage is called off. She cries and asks Aasma to save their respect, and get Haniya and Sarab married to save both families’ respect and she will not go from here, without bahu. Aasma asks what you are saying? Munni says your Meher has spitted on our face and asks her to get Haniya and Sarab married to cover their respect. She says your one daughter has ruined our respect and other daughter will make our house prosper. Sarab refuses to marry Haniya. Munni says I will humiliate myself. She asks him to swear that he will marry Haniya. Sarab says may be Meher is in trouble. Haniya cries and blames herself. She says I should have brought her here. Sarab says if Meher has left me, I will bring her here and she has to answer me. Munni says if you don’t find Meher then you have to respect my swear.

Sarab and Haniya come to the Aasma Industries, and house, but they don’t find her. Sarab cries looking at Meher’s photo. They can’t find Meher. Sarab tells Haniya that he can’t refuse for his mother’s swear, so she has to refuse. Haniya says I can never think about taking my sister’s place. He drops Haniya to Gurudwara and leaves. Haniya comes back. The lady calls her clever and betrayal, to have cheated Meher. Aasma slaps Haniya and shows her video in which Sarab is kissing her. She asks if you didn’t feel ashamed to do this? Haniya says this video is fake.

Sarav imagines Meher walking and goes to her. He says I love you Meher ji. She says I love you too Sarab. He tries to hug her, and finds her not there. He says you never loved me, but betrayed me always. He comes to the Gurudwara and doesn’t find anyone outside. Munni asks Sarab to come inside fast. Sarab asks if Meher returned. Munni says no, you will be getting married to Haniya. She asks him to understand that the matter is about her self respect and pride, and she has brought him up like his own mother. She says haniya agreed and says if you don’t agree then I will set myself ablaze. Sarab is shocked.

She takes Sarab inside. Aasma brings Haniya there. Sarab is angry with Haniya for agreeing for marriage. Udaariyan song plays….They sit for their marriage. Sarab looks angrily at her.

Meher is kept captive somewhere, and is tied. She looks at the broken glass pieces. A fb is shown, Aasma tells Haniya that Meher must have seen this video and that’s why left. Haniya tries to clarify. Munni says this video is viral. She asks Haniya to marry him, but she refuses. Munni emotionally blackmails her. Aasma says you have to marry Sarab. Simmy asks Haniya not to refuse. Haniya says Sarab ji is Meher’s love. Rano, Neetu and Sukhi try to convince her. Haniya agrees.

Meher reaches the glass piece. She cuts the rope and tries to run, when the goons come infront of her. She escapes from the window. The goon calls someone. Haniya and Sarab take the rounds. Meher runs and reaches there. She comes inside, to get shock of her life, as she sees Sarab and Haniya married.

Precap: Sarab says you have broken my trust. Meher comes and shouts Haniya.

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