Suhaagan 9th July 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 9th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhwani telling Vedant that she will punish herself 100 times. Vedant asks have you lost your mind. Dhwani says I have lost my heart, mind and everything to you, and says I don’t want to lose you. She says you are good, I am happy that you can’t hurt anyone, your Papa or Swara and I got atleast something in your love, atleast pain. Vedant says I can’t see you in pain. Dhwani says my life is in pain, and asks him to go, as he has his engagement with Swara in sometime. She thinks she will make him emotionally so weak that he will come running to marry her. She goes. Vedant looks on.

Swara gets ready for her engagement. Nidhi says Swara is looking so beautiful. Sudha smiles. Swara asks for Dhwani. Sudha thinks Swara is the sea of love and Dhwani is the well of poison. She tells Nidhi that it seems that they had a fight and Swara wants to cheer up Dhwani. Swara sees Dhwani coming, runs to her and hugs her. Dhwani blames her for accusing her. Swara gifts her dress and asks her to wear it. Dhwani says she will wear it. Swara goes. Dhwani thinks God has snatched Swara’s voice and mind too, and hugging her who wants to backstabbed her. She says Vedant will marry me and not Swara. Shlok gets ready for their engagement and takes elders’ blessings. Indu says I have to agree for him, and blesses him. Shlok jokes. Swara comes there. Dadi says Swara is looking lovely. Nidhi says like an angel. Swara takes Dadi, Baldev and others blessings. Indu comes to her. Swara touches her feet. Indu is hesitant, but she blesses Swara. Baldev says atlast you have accepted Swara. Indu says if I am bitten by wild dog that I will accept her, and says Shlok is marrying due to her and if her marriage breaks then she will return here, and that’s why she blessed her so that she don’t return. Shlok says you used to scold her since childhood and asks what you get by hurting her. Dadi asks them to be happy.

Rudra asks Vedant to go and get ready, as Baldev ji will come with his family. Vedant tells that he can’t do this engagement, as he can’t hurt someone. Rudra asks what is the matter? Vedant says I don’t love Swara, but loves someone else. He says you had asked me to go out and live my life, so I have decided to leave this house. Rudra asks what? Vedant says I will not show my face to you again, but will miss you. He says please forgive me. Rudra is shocked. Vedant asks him to say sorry to Swara on his behalf. He leaves. Rudra is in shock.

Baldev and his family come to Rudra’s house. Everyone likes her sasural. Nidhi tells that Swara is very lucky. Indu says she is very much lucky, you all shall fetch the luck which is falling down. Baldev says lets go inside. Koel stops them. Baldev asks what happened, if there is any problem? Koel says yes, a big problem. She says my would be bahu is coming to my house, and I want to make her entry grand and memorable. Swara smiles. She claps. Crackers are bursted in the sky and Vedant and Swara is written on the sky. Everyone is happy. Koel folds her hands and asks them to come inside. They all get inside. Dhwani thinks only she has the right on this luxurious house. She thinks the chandelier prize must be 8 lakhs, and thinks her calculator will burst calculating everything. Koel does Swara’s aarti and says Vedant must be coming. Naina’s mother does Shlok’s aarti. Vedant calls Dhwani. Everyone looks at her as her phone rings. Dhwani says she will be back and goes. Naina’s father asks them to come inside. They all get inside. Koel says she will bring Vedant and goes. Swara sits on the sofa and waits for Vedant. Dhwani says she will come there. She tells Swara that she had ordered gift for Jiju and her and the delivery boy is near, and she will go and pick the gift. She reaches Vedant and asks why you have called me. Vedant says I am leaving for forever.

Precap: Rudra tells that Abhi will marry Swara. Swara cries. Shlok says we will wait for Vedant. Koel reaches Vedant and tells him that Dhwani will not come. Vedant asks why she will do this? Koel says she is greedy for money and has reached the engagement venue.

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