Udne Ki Aasha 10th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 10th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udne Ki Aasha 10th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Renu asking Sayali to leave. She gives the milk glass to Roshni. She praises Roshni. Roshni goes. Sayali gets sad and goes to her room. Sachin comes home. He asks Sayali about the darkness outside. He asks did Tejas and Roshni run away. Sayali says no, its their wedding night. He says he would be chanting about his degrees, Roshni will run away. Sayali laughs. He smiles seeing her. He says I m glad to see you happy, you have become independent, I like it, we should cut a cake, you should have told me. She says let it be. He asks her to just come. He gets some laddoos and smashes it to make a round cake. Kaun tujhe…. Plays.. He asks how is it. She says its good.

He asks her to cut the cake. They cut the cake and eat it. She says I told mum about it, she cried emotionally, I told her that I will give money to you, she got happy. Sachin cries. He says I thought you understand me, I m wrong, I told you, I don’t want your money, you keep it. He goes. She goes after him and asks why are you angry. He says I told you many times, you said you have to help your family, you have money now to help them, you can save the money, I will pay my loans. She thinks I wish you understand your loans and problems are ours. Its morning, Paresh greets Renu. She is happy. She gets Shakku’s call. Shakku asks where are you, you said you are getting Tejas and Roshni to temple. Renu says they didn’t come out of the room, how shall I knock the door, let them come. Shakku asks shall I stay alone here. Renu asks her to eat prasad. She ends call. Sayali says breakfast is ready. Paresh asks did Sachin wake up. She says yes. He says we will have food together. Renu says you didn’t ask me about breakfast. Sayali says you asked me to make anything I want. Renu says ask Roshni what she likes to eat. Sayali says its 10 am. Renu says let them sleep, they will wake up when they want, are you jealous seeing them happy. Sayali says I will make lunch by asking Roshni. Paresh stops Renu and asks her not to trouble Sayali. Sayali goes. Renu says she doesn’t give me respect because of you. Paresh says give respect to get respect, you never give respect to my Aai, Sayali gives you much respect. Sachin asks for red shirt. Sayali says its in your cupboard. He says I think Tejas took it. Renu runs to stop Sachin. He asks her to move. She says he will go and wake them up. Sachin says lazy Tejas is still sleeping. Renu says you won’t understand. Paresh asks Sayali to give other shirt to Sachin and get him. Sayali smiles and says sure.

They have breakfast. Sachin likes the pakodas. He asks for tea. She says there is chutney and pau also. He enjoys the breakfast. Renu asks did you ask Roshni if she likes this. Sayali asks will everyone stay hungry till I know her choice, I made this for Sachin. Sachin says its tasty. Renu asks will we eat food of her choice. Sachin says make anything you want. Paresh comes and asks Renu to sit. Renu turns away. Paresh also enjoys the food. Renu says I don’t want anything. She goes to call Tejas. Tejas and Roshni get ready and come. Roshni calls Tejas as Babu and recalls their moment. Sayali says it’s the best breakfast. Renu asks Roshni and Tejas to come and have breakfast.

Roshni doesn’t like oily food. She says its very oily. Sachin says we will fry it in water. Roshni asks is he making fun of me. Tejas says he is an idiot, illiterate. Roshni says don’t eat this, you will have acidity. Sachin says it doesn’t happen if one stays active and does work. Paresh says you can have it once a week. Renu taunts Sachin. Paresh says driving a car is also like a job. Roshni says I will make ABC juice for you in 5 mins. Sachin says I know more than her. Paresh asks what is it. Roshni says its Apple, Beetroot and Carrot juice. She asks Sayali will you make it. Sayali recalls Sachin’s words. She sees Sachin. Sayali says everything is kept in fridge, mixer is on the kitchen counter, glasses and cups are inside the drawer, I will tell you about anything you need. Sachin sings. Renu says you make the juice for me also, I won’t eat this food, it can cause acidity. Paresh asks Sayali to serve the pakodas to him. They eat well. Paresh says I have eaten well, I have to go on walk. He goes. Roshni gets the juice. Renu says thanks for making it. Roshni asks it to try first. Renu drinks it. Golmaal hai… plays… Renu makes a face and drinks. She asks Tejas to try. Tejas coughs. He says its tasty. Sachin jokes on Roshni. Roshni asks isn’t it tasty. Renu says its tasty, but don’t make it every day. Sachin says good breakfast is made and Tejas is drinking juice, he is a fool. He asks Sayali to keep her breakfast and pack the food for him. Sayali asks Renu about it. Renu says yes, pack it. She stares at the food. Sachin says I will go now, I m getting late. He sings and thanks Sayali. He goes. Roshni says Sachin supports Sayali a lot. Renu says he can’t be trusted, forget it, he just listens to his dad and Aaji, I just want Tejas and your happiness, Shakku is waiting for us at the temple, come. Sayali hears them.

Shakku and Renu take Tejas and Roshni to the temple. Roshni thinks I should be Renu’s fav bahu always. She speaks against Sayali. Shakku says Sayali has much respect in that temple. Renu asks Shakku not to praise Sayali. Shakku says fine, Tejas, don’t you have to go office. He says I m not going. Shakku asks Roshni to let Tejas find a job soon. Renu says Tejas, you have to find a job soon, pray that you find it soon. Sachin comes to Sayali and says we have to go to temple and give money to the moneylender. She asks why should I come. He says stop asking me, just come. They leave. She asks why are you taking me, if Renu knows I have come here, then she will shout at me. He thinks if I tell Sayali about it, then she will give me money again, I want her help.

Sayali says I m very happy today. Sachin says Sayali has hidden a big thing from me, she knew Sudhakar did that, she broke my trust.

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