Udne Ki Aasha 8th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 8th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udne Ki Aasha 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Renu and Sachin arguing. Paresh asks Sachin to be quiet. Renu asks Sayali why didn’t you get food. Sayali says you asked me not to touch the grains box. Sachin says you get your checkup done. Renu says Roshni, all the bad things are going to leave the house. Sachin and Paresh joke on Renu. Renu shouts at Sayali and sends her to get milk. Shakku asks Roshni what happened, why are you sweating. Roshni says bridal dress and the heat here. Renu asks Sayali to increase the fan speed and get some cold drink. Sachin and Tejas argue. Renu asks Tejas to drink the milk and share it with Roshni. Vidya asks Roshni not to worry and smile. The police comes and asks about Sachin. Sayali says Sachin didn’t do anything. Sachin talks to the inspector. Inspector asks about Dinesh. Sachin tells about Dinesh.

He says he was talking disgusting, I had beaten him, I wanted to help that girl, he ran away. Roshni worries. Renu asks Inspector to take Sachin. Inspector asks Sachin about the girl. Sachin says no, he tried to show me the pic, I didn’t see, I could have helped her if I saw the pic, he was saying some name, I don’t remember, he was saying such bad things about that girl, I hope she is fine. Inspector says Dinesh ran and then met with an accident. Sachin says good. Vidya says it means we got saved. Constable says I got his sim card. He calls on the last dialled number. Roshni answers the call. Constable says its her number.

Inspector asks do you know this guy. Roshni gets tense seeing Dinesh’s pic. Sachin asks Tejas to ask Roshni, how does she know him. Tejas asks Roshni to say. Roshni says its new number. Vidya says you told about someone calling for appointment. Roshni says yes, I run a parlor, he was calling for an appointment. Inspector says you have to come for police station if we need any info. Sachin says she is fooling, something is wrong. Akash and Sachin leave for work. Renu taunts Sayali. Akash and Riya are on the way. They have a talk on call. He asks her to come soon, he will make a new dish for her. She agrees.

Vidya pacifies Roshni. She says Sayali is nice, you got a nice Devrani. Roshni asks her to go and find about Dinesh. Vidya goes. Renu says I have to see the accounts, else Sayali will give money to her mom. She calls Sayali and asks for the diary. Sayali says I have to get something first. Renu jokes on Sayali.

She asks about the money. Sayali gets 14000rs instead 4000rs. She says its 10000rs profit. Sayali tells Paresh how she got the profits by giving good ideas to Sarvesh about reusing the flowers. She says I got the money and earned this 10000rs. Paresh praises Sayali. Renu looks on surprised. Paresh asks Renu to see his fav bahu. Renu says fine, I will use this money for Roshni and Tejas, Sayali did some good work. Paresh gives 4000rs to Sayali and says you have a right on this. Renu asks what. Sayali says I had kept the money in Bappa’s feet.

She prays for Sachin. Vidya calls Roshni and says I met Dinesh at the hospital, he is in coma, you start your life without tension, you should thank Sachin, enjoy your married life. Roshni says yes, thanks, he has helped me. She goes and hugs Renu. She thanks Renu and says I have got a mum in you, I m so lucky. Renu says you would have become the first bahu of the house if I met you before, anyways forget it, you are the eldest bahu.

Sayali says I m very happy today. Sachin says Sayali has hidden a big thing from me, she knew Sudhakar did that, she broke my trust.

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