Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kiara saying you have to come back home. Charu asks are you ready to forgive Armaan. Abhira recalls everyone’s words. Aryan asks Charu not to be negative. She says our words don’t matter, Abhira doesn’t want to come. Armaan comes and asks them to go home. He asks Abhira to have medicines. She says I m fine. He jokes on her condition. He asks her to have medicine. She says its so bitter. He says so sorry, medicine is bitter. They argue. She asks for jelly. He asks her to finish the medicine. He feeds it to her. She beats him. He gives her a tissue. She smiles.

Dadi says I m happy, Madhav and Vidya united, I want you and Kajal to feed the kids at the orphanage. Sanjay says sure, Maasa. They leave. She rushes and sees the family pic with Abhira. She says I m not in this pic, what is Abhira doing in this pic. She throws the pic away. She says Abhira has no place here, who kept my pic behind, there is dust on this pic. She cleans the pic. She says Abhira has snatched Armaan, Madhav and Vidya, she wants to snatch my family, but this family and house will always be mine. The pic gets torn by her hand. She worries.

Abhira does Madhav and Vidya’s aarti. She welcomes them home. Dadi looks on. Abhira asks Vidya to kick the kalash. Vidya says its not needed. Abhira says Ghar Laxmi is coming home, rituals has to happen, come. Vidya makes the kalash fall. Everyone claps. Armaan says I m thinking to give you a wedding gift. Manisha says note the date in calendar. Armaan checks something. Aryan asks Vidya to come. Armaan thinks Abhira and I got married on this date and Akshara left us. Abhira asks him to come in. He leaves.

He changes and comes. Madhav asks where is Abhira. Armaan says she has gone to temple, its Akshara’s death anniversary today. Abhira thinks of Akshara and cries. She tells Akshu and Abhinav’s name as her parents. Pandit asks Nana’s name. She cries and signs no. Manish’s car breaks down in front of the temple. He calls the driver. He hears the temple bell. He says one year ago, Akshu called me and I couldn’t talk, don’t know how is she. Pandit asks Abhira to feed everyone. Abhira takes the food. Pandit asks isn’t there anyone in your family. Armaan comes and says Abhira isn’t alone, I m her family.

They go to distribute the food. Manish comes and asks pandit did the puja just happen. Pandit says yes, it was someone’s Barsi puja. Manish prays for the person’s soul peace. He says I wish to meet Akshu and her kids. Ruhi comes. Armaan says I know, Akshara won’t come back if I do this, don’t stop me, my parents are together because of you, your mumma isn’t with you because of me, you just got ill fate because of you, whatever you told in the court was right. She says I was upset that day.

He says mumma would have scolded me for that day, sorry. He says you have a big heart, you curse me every day if it lessens your sorrow. She says no, how will we move on if we think of past, I want to move on. Ruhi cries and says I thought you have moved on, you are living in past, my love falls short. He asks her to listen. She says I came here, because Rohit and I got married today, I thought to apologize to Rohit, my pain can never get less. She leaves crying. Abhira and Armaan are together. She recalls Ruhi’s words. She says you have done a lot for me, our contract marriage also completed a year, now I should leave from here. He is shocked. He asks what, you had forgiven me. She asks how shall I forget Ruhi, you are still connected. He says she is helpless to come to me for the case, they will get homeless if I don’t fight the case, trust me, its all over between us. She says I know you are in guilt. He says I wanted to tell you about Ruhi, but Dadisa came first and told you everything. Krish comes and says there is a parcel for you. Armaan checks the papers. Abhira also checks and says our marriage didn’t end, it means we are still husband and wife.

Ruhi hits someone. She asks Armaan to fight her case. Abhira asks did Ruhi do the accident. She says if Ruhi needs you, then Kaki needs me.

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