Uttaran 30th September 2014 Written Update

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Uttaran 30th September 2014 Written Update by Pooja

Uttaran 30th September 2014 Written Episode

Meethi offers her hand to Rani. Will you come with me? Title tune plays. Rani is in deep thoughts as she looks at Meethi. rani thinks of her mom who used to do something similar. She puts her hand in Meethi’s hand finally. Meethi is all smiles. Nani too is relieved. Meethi tells Vishnu to take care of Mukta. I am taking Rani with me. tell me if you need something. She takes their leave.

Ambika’s landlord throws her stuff out as she hasn’t paid rent. Ambika tries to talk to her but in vain. Sankrant was passing by and stops as he hears Ambika’s voice. Ambika begs the lady not to do this to her. She turns slightly to see if Sankrant is watching. She then whispers the lady to hold her hairs tightly. The lady plays along. Sankrant steps in between to save Ambika. He warns them not to do this mistake again. the lady wants to know who he is to Ambika. Sankrant pays them enough. We are leaving this house right away. He sends the crowd away and then goes inside to collect Ambika’s stuff. Ambika is super happy at the timing. I knew that you will come here today for sure.

Meethi welcomes Rani inside. Rani is surprised to see the big house. The chandelier looks just like the one in Om Shanti Om movie. She checks the furniture around likes it. how much rent do you pay for this place? Meethi smiles amazed. This is our own home. Rani wants to know how many people live here. She is shocked to know that only 6 people live in this big house. She thinks that ten people used to live in a single room in her chawl whereas only 6 people live here in this big house? She guides Rani towards her room. Rani is confused about right so Meethi explains her sweetly. Rani asks for vada pao with the juice. It causes gas. Meethi nods. Meethi looks on as Rani removes her slippers (so as not to ruin the expensive carpet). She smiles at Rani’s naivety. She is very cute. Meethi goes to get things for Rani.

Ambika questions Sankrant as to where will she live. I wont take your help. I am ready to clean utensils at anyone’s house but I wont take a favour from you. He makes it clear that he is not doing a favour. It is my duty. You have made me realise things at the right time. I was going to do a very big mistake by marrying Kajri when this relation never got over. I wont let you live here at all. She reminds him that there is nothing left between them now. We are divorced. This is my punishment. This is the way of penitence for me. what if you spent one night with me? we are no more husband and wife. You should leave me on my state. He seeks apology. She hugs him instead. He professes her love for him. She too replies in affirmative. It is ok to love each other but I wont come to your home with you. He knows it but wants to find a way out for her. they hug again and she smirks.

Rani comes to Meethi’s room. She is happy to see the makeup stuff. Chameli is right. One must have money to look great. She starts jumping on the bed happily. Akash comes out of the washroom. He smiles as he finds Rani jumping on his bed while she is shocked to see him. he tells her to continue if she is enjoying it. Who are you? Whom have you come with? She repeatedly tells him to go out of this room. What are you doing in gori didi’s (Meethi’s) room? He continues to ask her her name and whereabouts but she shouts him to stay away. She breaks a glass and warns him to stay away from her or she will hurt him. he tells her to throw it as she might get hurt instead. He tries to take it from her but she hurts him in the hand. She hides behind the bed warning him to get out. Meethi comes there just then. She rushes to Akash and nurses his wound. He dismisses it. who is she? Meethi takes the broken glass from Rani. Why did you do it? Rani wants Akash to go out of the room. Meethi wonders why she is scared of him. he is a very nice guy and he loves kids a lot. You don’t have to be scared of him. He is my husband. Meethi calms Rani somehow. She tells Akash about Rani. I had messaged you before leaving from Mukta’s home. He nods recalling it. she asks him if she did the right thing by bringing Rani here. She will live here for a few days. He has no problem with it. he tells Rani not to touch anything made by glass as she will hurt herself and others too. I am anyways scared of you. Don’t scare me anymore. Meethi smiles. He politely tells her that he is going out. You can stay here all by yourself. Tell me if you need anything. Meethi thanks him. she summons Rani and talks to her about what she just did. Rani is all quiet and looks towards the door. meethi wonders why Rani got scared upon seeing Akash. Why she took up glass? Has something happened with her? I found it odd.

Mukta gets to know that Rani has gone with Meethi. Why did you allow it to happen? You know the circumstances at Meethi’s home right now. He dint disagree when Meethi took the responsibility. Mukta reminds him about whose daughter Rani is. If someone comes to know about it then it will be a big problem. You have told Meethi, right? He couldn’t do it as Nani was there too. Mukta knows Ekadish has old / orthodox set of values. What will she say if she gets to know about it? Vishnu suggests her to call Meethi and tell her everything. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Meethi’s Ma has raised me and changed my life. Meethi is her daughter. I have full faith in her. she will surely change Rani for good. Mukku nods.

Meethi shows Rani her room. You will stay here only. Rani stops her. No man will come here, right? Meethi is taken aback by her question. No one will come. She goes to bring something for Rani to eat. Rani looks around the room happily. Meethi comes back with food. Rani sits on the floor but Meethi tells her to sit on the bed. Rani is delighted to see the food. You will give me all this today and tomorrow you will make me work? Meethi smiles. I wont make you do anything. Rani wants less oily food as she wants to maintain her figure. Meethi is pleasantly surprised. Akash watches them from outside the door. he assures her that he is not coming inside. She gives him a flying kiss and he reciprocates sweetly. He goes to eat food. By the time Meethi turns to look at Rani, she finds that Rani has packed sweets in her box. My mom loves sweets. I will take it for her and share it with her only. Meethi agrees to give her more when she will leave for her home. Rani again cross questions her but Meethi promises her for it. will you agree to one of my condition? Rani says she will think about it. meethi talks about Akash. He is a very good guy. You don’t have to be scared of him. he loves kids a lot. They focus on food again. meethi watches Rani enjoy the food. Rani is about to wipe her hands using her clothes but Meethi gives her a tissue. Rani throws it away after using it. meethi herself goes to pick it. rani lies down to sleep as she is feeling sleepy. Meethi covers her with duvet and switches off the light. Title track’s tune plays. Meethi bids goodnight to Rani but Rani cannot sleep in dark. Meethi switches on the lights once again. rani tells her to go now. I will sleep. Meethi thinks I am not her mother but there is a special pull from this girl. I wish to give her all the happiness in life.

Precap: Ekadish and Gomti are talking to the priest. Rani is playing with her skateboard. She falls on the sofa next to Maiyya. Who are you? You got this (skateboard) from the cupboard upstairs? She mistakes Rani to be some thief. She tells Gomti to call police station. Rani starts running. Maiyya and Gomti finally catch her when she slips. Maiyya checks Rani if she has stolen something.

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  1. jacq
    October 01, 14:10 Reply

    Rani’s acting is very good ….very matured and perfect acting too…also looking so cute ….more problems are in and out to MEETY & RANI…Finally Rani will stay with meety and aakash, that is sure ….Let us see what happent next

  2. vanita
    September 30, 22:30 Reply

    They should have made a toddler act in the place of Rani.

  3. sammy
    September 30, 18:09 Reply

    i think something will happen to chameli (maybe she will die) and rani will have to stay with meethi and akash..

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