Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th September 2014 Written Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th September 2014 Written Update by Tanaya

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th September 2014 Written Episode

The episode begins with, laxmi says to ramesh that he is thinking nonsense, ramesh says im doing this for my kids if we stay here dadaji will not allow my kids live their dream, laxmi says dadaji will never think bad abt our kids he just thinks in a different way n where will we go its not easy to leave house, dadi hears this n gets shocked n asks who is leaving house, ramesh says no one is leaving i was just teasing laxmi, dadi says ramesh u aren’t wrong n so isn’t dadaji , but at times we have to agree to elders n do u have an better plan then dadaji for nisha n suku, ramesh says i know that but i think dadaji is rushing , dadi says this doesn’t mean u leave the house, nisha comes n says dad here have ur news paper n dadi n mom stop yelling at my dad, nisha says i know i didn’t plan anything for me n now i think its right time to plan something i love for my future n such thing that dadaji will himself give up the marriage idea.
Umesh laughs at suku seeing him all dressed, suku says umesh stop laughing already im so upset , umesh says its ok its first day n so this nervousness , suku asks umesh to dress like him for moral support umesh agrees n leaves to get ready while suku sees ritesh on a bike coming home, suku says to ritesh he loved his bike, ritesh says u like bikes too right, suku says dadaji doesn’t like all this n so he didn’t allow me to buy one, ritesh says ok u can use my bike but in return u have to help me get a selfie with nisha, suku says but nisha hates u, ritesh says but ur family likes me n if u help me next weekend this bike will be urs, suku agrees to riteshs deal.nisha comes to suku while ritesh hides, suku says come nisha lets click a photo nisha agrees , suku tricks her n clicks nishas photo with ritesh, nisha says i didn’t knew ritesh ur so cheap n suku i will see u later.
Kirti gets nisha n ritesh pic written in a relationship on it, kirti showa the pic to roopan n laxmi, nisha comes n asks wat is the matter , roopan says so when are u getting married, nisha says this pic is fake n im not interested in wedding, roopan says but ritesh is a good guy n u shdnt leave him.
Ritesh goes to dadaji while is talking to dadaji roopan kirti n mohan come n inform that kirti got a scholarship but the college is in delhi n not jaipur, dadji says its good but where will u stay, ritesh says no worries the institute ur willing to study its manager is grt friend of my dads n i can ask him shift ur admission to jaipur, kirti thanks ritesh.
Ritesh goes to nisha n says this pic of ours so many likes n when whole family of urs will be in my favour u will have no choice but get married to me, nisha gets angry. nisha sees dadaji talking ill about ramesh infront of ritesh n doesn’t like it. Nisha gets a call from dolly ,nisha says today midnight we will celebrate sukus bday n we will miss u, dolly says we will discuss that later i heard abt yesterdays dinner n u plz stay on safe distance from ritesh he asked me every cousins details very cunningly n after yesterdays dinner im worried abt sukus party, nisha says no worry he wont be present for sukus party.
Ritesh offers his seat in car on way to shop, but dadaji insults ramesh in front of ritesh n asks him to give ritesh back his seat n come on scooter nisha gets angry n goes to her dad n says i promise this ritesh wont attend sukus bday party.


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  1. tazy
    October 01, 11:39 Reply

    i love this seriel very much and i think its has uniqueness

  2. diya
    October 01, 04:49 Reply

    wow awesome i dont know that rude and cute ritesh will exepect nishu bro to kiss
    go on

  3. misti
    September 30, 23:17 Reply

    he hs sooo much attitude.he is vry cute,but so rude…he cant b male lead.i hpe nisha wll win da challange.vry exitd abut epi.wht wll hppn if ritesh kiss nisha?

  4. tulip
    September 30, 23:03 Reply

    he is so ruuuuuddddeeeeee…….ritesh was sweet at first……but now i cant believe he had a dual character……

  5. tulip
    September 30, 23:03 Reply

    he is so ruuuuuddddeeeeee…….eitesh was sweet at first……but now i cant believe he had a dual character……

  6. krystal
    September 30, 19:52 Reply

    someone challenging nisha fun to watch

  7. Yo
    September 30, 16:02 Reply

    Whoever wrote the written update today for nisha aur uske cousins need to get their facts straight because the was a promo and it’s about
    Ritesh and sumit are talking on the phone and Ritesh says it will be a surprise and that nisha will give him a kiss. Also he says I never lose

  8. sneha
    September 30, 15:29 Reply

    Ritesh is not perfect partner for nisha

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