[V] Best Friends Forever 20th May 2013 Full Episode Watch Online


  1. abik
    February 25, 11:26 Reply

    Koi bta skta h ki sare episode phrse kha dekhne ko milenge

  2. radha
    May 22, 02:58 Reply

    plzzzz itna jhagda mat karo. vaise im a sanvi fan…

  3. BFF FAN
    May 22, 02:53 Reply

    sahi baat hain. Sanju is bff ki star.

  4. prithvi's lover
    May 21, 02:31 Reply

    comeon ya only u hate her tanya we all love her!! so shut up. i know she might not luk so attractive 2 u so go n watch earlier epis of bff n ull undrstnd.

  5. tanya
    May 20, 14:13 Reply

    earlier i thought that this serial is worth watching cz i thought it is different from others….but it is the same repeated crap. it felt like the three gals r really best frnd with equal immportance bt it isn’t true….here sanju is d only protagonist n rest others r her chamchi.
    nt even the gal characterizing sanju is gud looking nor attaractive….with all those pores n pimples on her face n the worst ever hairstyle ela n vini luk far bettr than her…
    the story goes in a way where execpt mac every notable guy in their college likes sanju only.
    they treat her like a baby princess…..when ela had accident or vini saw rohan’s body {which we stilll don’t know what happened next}there was no hype bt when sanju was hit in collenge a big fuss was created
    plz directors giv sm importance to othr characters also or instead of bff the serial should be named SANJANA ROY FOREVER

    • Hit-Girl
      December 30, 02:41

      Ela had an accident some guy called mac. When vini saw rohan’s body there was flashbacks to it where puru helped her with the body. Have you even seen it or not. Also, sanju doesn’t have any pores. It’s not true that “everybody likes sanju instead of mac” it’s ela that gets looked by all the guys in the school.

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