Veera 30th June 2015 Written Update

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Veera 30th June 2015 Written Update by Amena

Veera 30th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts Geet thinking about Gunjan’s words. Manjeet looks on and smiles that her plan worked out. She asks her whats the matter. Geet thinks if Manjeet knows whats Gunjan thinking, she will add more fuel in the fire and Ranvi and Deepu have to bear it. Manjeet sees Deepu talking to Ranvi’s pic and asks her to go and play with Ranvi. She sends Deepu to meet Ranvi and gets the pic. She smiles and says she got this without asking. She smiles.

Geet sees Deepu going and stops her from meeting Ranvi. Deepu says Dadi told me. Manjeet says she is lying. Deepu says Dadi told me. Get scolds her. Deepu says she wants to go to Ranvi. Geet takes her. Manjeet calls Ranvi to call him to meet Deepu. She asks about Gurudwara work. She says she found Gunjan very tired and asks them to come for lunch here, Gunjan will may rest. Ranvi says we have work. She says everyone else will manage it. He says they will come for sometime. Gunjan says we will go our home, why did you say yes. Ranvi says she called by love.

He says you can meet Bansuri and I will meet Deepu. She says fine and gets worried. Manjeet thinks it will be fun now. Bansuri asks Manjeet why was Deepu crying. Manjeet says just like that, Gunjan and Ranvi are coming for lunch. Manjeet thinks this is good chance. Geet thinks Ranvi coming and thinks to stop Deepu. Deepu asks who came, I know its Ranvi. Ranvi and Gunjan greet Manjeet.

He asks about Deepu. Manjeet says Geet has kept Deepu in room since morning, and scolded her. Ranvi asks but why. Deepu says why can’t she meet Ranvi. Geet sas she can’t be with him always. Deepu says Ranvi is like my dad. Geet says he is not like your dad, and can never be, you are alone and will always be alone. Ranvi comes and says she will not be alone. Deepu hugs him. He asks whats happening, why is she scolding Deepu. He says he is there for Deepu, he will not let her miss her dad. Geet tries to explain. He says I don’t know your fear, but you can’t stop her from meeting me. He says he is taking Deepu out and leaves.

He tells Gunjan that he is taking Deepu to park and will come soon to have lunch. He leaves. Bansuri asks what happened to Geet. Geet crie in her room. Gunjan, Manjeet and Bansuri come to her. Bansuri asks why did she lock Deepu in room. Manjeet says Ranvi loves Deepu a lot, it does not mean he stops Geet from scolding Deepu. She shows the pic to Bansuri and Gunjan. Bansuri asks whats this, when did they take this. Gunjan gets shocked. Manjeet asks why did they take family pic. Geet says its nothing like that. Manjeet says enough, we understand seeing this.

Bansuri says Gunjan could not give him a child and he has made new family. Manjeet says I had doubt on him, and asks Bansuri to think why will Ranvi help any stranger woman, he took her to city to do song recording, and taught singing too, why did he not teach Gunjan. Geet cries and says enough. She leaves.

Bansuri says she will not leave Ranvi. Baldev comes and asks why are they standing here. She shows him the pic and says Ranvi made a new family. Baldev gets shocked. Bansurti says this is Veera’s mistake, she made Geet meet Ranvi, now Geet has become sautan of Gunjan. Baldev recalls Gunjan’s words. Manjeet says Geet is simple and uneducated, she does not know anyone’s motive, how can Ranvi cheat Gunjan. He says I was sure that Ranvi loves Gunjan a lot, I was so wrong. He gets angry and leaves.

Ranvi and Deepu come home and he sends her to room. Baldev starts beating him. Ranvi asks is he mad and stops him. He asks whats the matter. Baldev says he is after any other woman as his sister is unable to give him a child. He is ashamed to get Gunjan married to Ranvi, its good Ratan died before seeing this. Ranvi gets shocked and slaps him. They both have a fight. Bansuri asks Gunjan to be strong. They all hear the fight sounds and go out to see. They see Ranvi and Baldev beating each other and try to stop them.

Manjeet smiles. Veera and Balwant come home and get shocked. Veera asks them why are they fighting and asks them to stop. Geet cries. Ranvi and Baldev leave each other.

Ranvi tells Gunjan that she could say she trusts him. She says forgive me. He says fine, I forgive you if you get happy. He goes away from her and she cries.

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