Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th September 2019 Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th September 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Vighnaharta Ganesh 12th September 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with bhandasoor is thinking to act fast while mohini stops him & all are gods are performing meditation for mata parashakti for impressing her to help end bhandasoor’s evil. Mohini is attracting bhandasoor.

Devi mohini is understanding Pooja performed for mata parashakti so she thinks now is the time for me to leave but bhandasoor sees this & he tries to stop mohini but she does not stop & vanishes. Bhandasoor is crying falling down saying how will I live now without her as she has gone. He is getting wild by thinking how come I can lose my control as she was nothing towards my powers. He also understands that she cheated him. He goes out to see what wrong has happening watching mahadev’s statue as well as ganesh’s statue & shouts loudly

by all his brothers get alert & they come to him. He tells them mohini has cheated me due to which I lost my control & pleads gurudev so gurudev tells him I had alerted you earlier so he again pleads. Gurudev is alerting him that this has happened due to narayan so also can’t help you now as all gods are performing meditation for mata parashkati so he is in confusion & guru tells him to act fast to stop their meditation or you will be killed. He gets wild & goes to act fast.
Kartik is telling ganesh that only 1 year has left of bhandasoor so something should happen very fast. Ganesh is telling kartik now mata parashakti can only stop bhandasoor.

Bhandasoor is trying to disturb all gods meditation but they are not disturbed. Kartik tells ganesh why you are so calm then he tells him due to faith in mata. Kartik sees this & feels happy saying yes nothing has happened to gods. Bhandasoor is thinking how it has happened that gods are not getting disturbed so he tries to shoot his weapons towards them but again in vain & kartik is happy again with it telling ganesh. Bhandasoor is thinking by whose powers are they getting saved.

Mata parashakti immerges as ganesh prays her. Mata uses her powers to shatter bhandasoor as well as his evil brothers while bhandasoor shouts no power can kill or destroy me & tries to shoot his other weapon power but his weapon gets destroyed. Ganesh is thinking how his weapon is destroyed by any invisible power? Also bhandasoor is also thinking whose is this invisible power which is destroying my weapons?

Bhandasoor is meditating for his more powers to make use of to destroy the mountains having invisible power & he is shooting fire from his eyes telling indra that I will destroy you by this but indra & all gods are not at all affected as he is deeply in meditation of mata parashakti. Bhandasoor is trying new weapon as bow & arrow to shoot from up but that too gets destroyed & he is trying from under the land but as that weapon shoots it stops their voice of meditation as kartik gets surprised. Bhandasoor is happy with it that he has stopped all gods. But ganesh is having faith in mata parashakti that she will definitely won’t allow bhandasoor to succeed. All gods are meditating & kartik as well as ganesh is happy with it. Bhandasoor is again thinking how this has happened.

Precap: Bhandasoor was created by shri ganesh so to see how ganesh will do yagna to bring mata for bhandasoor’s evil end & his life.

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