Waaris 21st November 2017 Written Update

Waaris 21st November 2017 Written Update by Amena

Waaris 21st November 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mannu asking Raj to leave the man. She says I m not ashamed of anything, I have spent a night with sarpanch in one room, when a daughter stays with a father, why don’t you all think such, I have similar relation with sarpanch, a father and daughter relation, some mean people don’t get back from making such relation defamed, you didn’t listen to sarpanch who gave his life to this village, you all didn’t listen to him. They see sarpanch gone. They all look around. The man says sarpanch has run away, he had some shame, Mannu has no shame. Mannu says even Devis has to give Agnipariksha, I m a human and I will prove my innocence. Chandar says everyone does mistake, I know Mannu got stained, but we should give her a chance. Mannu cries. Raj gets angry. Mannu says don’t say

anything, they will not believe us. Chandar talks cheap. Raj says I will kill you. Mannu takes him. Chandar smiles.
At home, Mannu stops Raj and reminds him how he stopped her that day from doing wrong. She cries. Raj pacifies her. He says I was wrong, if anyone talks cheap about you, you didn’t think what will I go through, my heart gets hurt. They hug. Mannu says Amba would have known this, don’t know how to make her believe my innocence. Raj says no need to make her believe, mum’s heart knows everything, mum understands everything, she will never believe this. She hugs him.

Amba says I m her mum, my Preet can’t do this, I have to meet her. Simran says I know, but she is listening to Bajwas, Raj has provoked her to become sarpanch, maybe Raj is trapping her. Amba thinks I can’t let Preet trapped by Raj. Rohan comes to Chandar and Jagan. He scolds them for trapping him. He says its my mistake to believe you. Chandar drinks. Chandar says everything is fair in love and war, you are in love and I m having a war. Rohan says you cheated me. Jagan hits on Rohan’s head. Rohan falls down.

Chandar sees Amba coming. He says Rohan, don’t get helpless that people use you, world is mean, you also did this with Preet, you have sent wrong message. Rohan says yes, you are right, I have done this sin. Amba hears Rohan. Rohan says its my mistake, I have sent wrong message to Raj, I traced Preet. Chandar says you did this on Raj’s saying, right. Amba goes. Rohan says no, I did this on your saying, you lied to me, I got against my brother, I will not leave you. Jagan hits on his head again. He says now he won’t get up. Chandar says take him, he shouldn’t be seen till elections. Amba comes to Mannu and Raj. She slaps and scolds Raj.

Mannu tries to explain. Chandar looks on. Amba says Raj has trapped you, he has ruined your respect, throw him out, this is his plan, you won’t become sarpanch, you can’t meet anyone’s eyes, he wants to rule on this pind. Mannu asks her to stop blaming Raj and trust her. Amba says I trust you more than myself, I know the truth, I want to support you in your life, take your name back from elections, see what happened, I m helpless seeing all this, make Raj out of this house and your life. Mannu and Raj cry. Mannu asks Raj why did you not tell this to me.

Mannu says Raj told me that my mum will not doubt on me, he said right, you are trusting me, I m glad, but Raj why did you not tell me that Amba will not trust me completely, what shall I do now, shall I listen to Amba and leave this fight, my respect is ruined. Chandar sees them and goes.

Raj says quitting is easy, this time is to fight, I will always support you, we have to dump those dirty people in dirt. Mannu asks Amba to see, you are asking me to move back, he is asking me to move on, you are thinking about yourself, he is thinking about me and village, I thought you are very strong, you kept me as a son, what happened to you now, where did that woman go, I had much hope from you, you are asking me to lose.

Chandar kills Sarpanch. Raj gets arrested. Raj asks Mannu to win the elections. Mannu worries for him.

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